Here Is How To Be Confident Around Girls If You Are Shy

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If you have ever wondered how to be confident around women, this article is for you.

Before you can focus on your confidence level, you need to know who you really are. We tend to adapt to those around us, hiding our true character for fear of being judged or rejected. Unfortunately, over time you live this way and therefore you do not really become who you are. The real you is still out there someplace, behind all the micromanaging and all the cover-ups is you. Now to find it, I highly recommend that you take some time for yourself.

In this time period you must focus on your thoughts and how you feel as an individual. Once you are in tune with how you think and feel when you’re alone, do your best to remove any filters or limitations you previously had as a result of society or teachers like your parents, etc.

Just say whatever comes to your mind, swear at the thought of something that made you angry, jump around while recalling happy memories, just do what you want. There is no wrong or right in any of your actions, if you choose to smash the guitar to calm you down or draw a pony on the sly then so be it.

How To Be Confident Around Women

Look, you may have been functioning smoothly up until now by adhering to “limits” and by behaving within social norms, but do you actually want to live out the rest of your life? The more snug you are with saying and doing whatever you choose in privacy, the more snug you’ll be with yourself. After that the next challenge is to be more honest with the closest people around you.

Keep in mind that there’s a line between RUDE and OPEN. But I would recommend saying whatever comes to mind around them too. Disagree with them, tell them you like certain things they do not like, tell them the weirdest joke that comes to your mind, so be it… Since habits take about 20 days to form in your brain, I suggest not just do it. for 20 days, but to dedicate a change to your real self permanently.


People will not at all times respond well to you, frankly, particularly your friends. You haven’t got to go to extremes, but some change will be noticeable if you go from being shy and nervous to confident and assured. So, just bear in mind of this.

It can even be hard to make a permanent confident version of yourself if you have spent years of your life in your comfort zone and shutting yourself out. Other than that there are only positives connected to this.

So, let’s get straight to it… how to be confident around women. Now, to get to that point mentioning a man’s primary fear is important; Fear of rejection.

Rejection stops men from approaching women most of the time, but the rejection itself is in your head. Think about it, since you were right at the time, you haven’t got her number or know her at all. You haven’t got him as your boyfriend or your partner or anything.

you don’t have anything. Now you approach him… he rejects you and then you spiral down into your pit of sorrow vowing never to be rejected again. In reality you don’t have anything to lose. You had nothing once you started and you still don’t have anything, it is all the same. Apart from our ego being damaged a bit, everything will stay that way.

So my advice to you as the more confident and randomly commented version of you is to get rejected as often as possible. Rejected until it does not bother you anymore. You should not even let it cross your mind anymore when you approach a girl. Just do it he is only human. Besides, being rejected teaches you in the process, it teaches you that what you are doing does not work. Take advantage of this and adapt. When you realize that you don’t have anything to lose, you’ll become a beast. So do it to get your ass turned down.


After being rejected so many times (until you are not cowed by the idea) with your own knowledge of approaching him, I would advise you to try this: be more forthright this way. I know this sounds stupid because you have been rejected for being who you are, but I can assure you that you’re more nervous than anything. You say something and consider what you are saying putting it on a pedestal. She’s just a gorgeous or ordinary girl, nothing more than that.

So stop THINKING. Stop in general. Let the stupid bullshit come out of your mouth. Comment on things the same way you would in your private space. The reason for this is that the girl who enjoys your perspective on things, your snug approach to her, your boldness, will like you for who you are. He’s not going to like you for some rehearsed pick-up lines you put on him or some trick body language (even though improving your posture can help), but otherwise for the unique creature that’s you. That’s the main goal.

Find someone you can be who you really are without them making a big deal out of it. Be upfront about your feelings, too. I know men aren’t really in tune with their emotions the way they should be, but just tell him something like, “hey, I know this is really random on my part, but I’m attracted to you and I’ve decided not to let the chance slip by.” … etc”

It sounds cheesy, but you just came out of your shell, saw something you wanted and went for it without hesitation. Not many men can do that.

Don’t be afraid to joke around with him. Flirt with him. See him as one of your closest male friends, but add some charm to the mix.

If he says he can’t see you or see you next time, keep making jokes. Some girls need dedication to reach them. Tell him not to be a wrecker and the encounter won’t kill him. Just let go of how you approach things, say what you think and feel.

I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds. I highly recommend physically trying what I’m just telling you and not giving up after it doesn’t work the first few times. If 2 out of 10 girls give you their number and like you and are attracted to your guts, then those are two girls who like you for the real you. The other 8 doesn’t matter because in the beginning you have nothing so you can only benefit. Let them go…

Just a side note… it’s much easier to get through all of this when you have a positive outlook on your own life or other things. It’s not fun to be around someone who drains your energy and who is pessimistic. So try to solve the problems in your life directly along the way. It’s not a must but it will increase your chances.

I’m sure to you as the reader it sounds easy to actually work. There are usually lots of articles on this sort of thing, but nothing is better than your raw, unchanged version and you should have it.

OK, so what’s to be done when the two meet? The main goal here is to increase his interest even more than what they’re currently doing. Make sure to put him comfortable too, laugh with him, crack jokes, have random conversations… deep or not. Whatever comes out, comes out. But you want to ensure that he knows you are interested in him as more than simply a friend. How you choose to do it’s your choice, just do it early in your relationship rather than later (friend zone for sissy).

Give him the feeling that you can trust him, as he will open up more. You can do this by sharing something about yourself that you would not normally tell other people, like an embarrassing moment you had, etc. One last thing I can share is that you must let go of the pressure that you are under. Don’t worry about saying the wrong or right thing. We all have a limited life span on earth. Just meet people, have fun, never apologize for who you are. People who do not like you, can suck it.