How To Be a Successful Student: 9 Highly Practical Tips For Students

how to enjoy learning again

In today’s article you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to become a successful student. So, let’s get started!

How To Be A Successful Student:

1. Get enough sleep

Imagine how you felt the last time you had a good night’s sleep. You are fired up, ready to face the day, ready for all the activity. You cannot wait for the first plans and the first tasks to be carried out, the first problems to be solved.

And now consider how you felt this morning, did you get enough sleep? Maybe the answer is no. And that causes you to be mad at everybody and feel groggy all day. Now the question is how much sleep do you actually need.

There are many theories but some studies show that the average teenager needs about 8-10 hours of sleep and the average person (adult) needs about 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping more than this can lead to higher chances of depression, emotional eating and even death. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can lead to the same result.

If you’re a student and you must remember what you read and learned on the last day, you need 8 hours of sleep. Upcoming exploration: 6-8 hours Known as REM sleep. This is because at the start of the sleep cycle your brain activity is average, then low and eventually very high. This high activity lasts for part of 6-8 hours. In this section your brain will replay everything you learned the day before.

So if your bran does not have time to sleep, it does not have time to remember.

All I know as a teenager is that it is extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep as a teenager. Night club and all that. But what I must say is that I had the best grades and times when I had a fixed time to sleep and a fixed time to wake up. I would sleep at 10-11pm and wake up around 7-8am. My brain remembers very well and that I learn a lot.

Now I haven’t got a set amount of time to sleep so my grades are a bit worse but I’m trying to get back into that system because it isn’t just about being a good learner but being healthy and energized for everything.

2. Exercise

As a student, it is extremely difficult to find time to go to the gym, exercise and do some exercises. But there are numerous benefits of exercising. The first benefit is that it tastes great. You feel energized and prepared for everything else, when you lift these heavy weights or lift your body. In body weight training, everything else is much easier for you.

The feeling is great because you are energized and since you know you make a nice body that can be attractive in many ways, in a word you improve yourself…

The second benefit is that you start to become productive ore. Whenever someone asks me what’s your number one tip for productivity aside from using a planer and getting regular, I say exercise. Because it puts you in a good state where you feel great and you are ready to learn, your concentration will improve and you’ll remember better.

In elementary school, my teacher told us that anytime we could not study something, we should get out and run for a bit and then get back to studying and we would have far better focus.

When the teacher said we all laughed like: We haven’t got time for that and he is crazy, it is all the time better to sit in a chair for 5 hours. We know nothing…. And know I see the importance of exercising.

And the third benefit is that you’ll have a better appetite. You will eat more and remember to eat healthy food no nonsense. If you eat trash, you’ll look like trash and think like trash. So do not eat bad food…

But the question is how to find time to exercise. My answer is morning routine. I’ll talk more about morning rituals and routines later in the post but working out is something you can do every time you wake up. Do you need a gym membership? Absolutely not, you can do everything at home to stay fit and healthy.

The only thing I can recommend to you is to buy some dumbbells and work out with them. They are great for building bigger biceps triceps and a nice chest. Another thing I can recommend is buying a pull up bar but if you’re like me and you have nowhere to put it then you should say a good buy for pull ups, or go to some park where you have a pull up bar and a few pull ups .

Set timer. Have you ever been in this situation? You’re working on a project, studying or simply trying to write an essay. You said that you would do very well and finish it in about 4 hours.

You have about 6 hours to finish it and go to bed, 2 hours extra wow!! Let’s relax a little.

1. Your scene starts working and you are motivated to do everything, read everything and solve every problem.
2. Scene You’ll get your phone and see how many hours you have spent on it so you can plan accordingly. You feel like that for a maximum of 2 hours.
3. Scene You get your phone and you see how much time you spent. You want to kill yourself…. You do this for 4 hours and 30 minutes, and in one hour and 30 minutes you must be in bed. You did not finish even half of the work??
This is what I call a big mind problem… In this situation you are really angry and you do not know what to do.

To stop that from happening again, I’m going to offer you a tip that will save you not 2 hours, not 20 hours, maybe more than 2000 hours if you use this every time you do something.

The key is setting a timer. Timers are an incredible way to stay organised. When the timer runs, you know you spent 30 minutes doing it (if the timer is programmed that way), or 1 hour.

And you will not totally lose sight of the time you spend. Another benefit of setting a timer is that you stay focused and fill in emergencies. It’s like someone telling you all the time, time goes by you must work faster, harder.

And it will literally make you work faster and harder. One true story about this emergency.. I have been tested in history and that I left with another lesson to be tested. Next week I completely forgot that I must be tested and if I get tested then I will get a good mark. I just need another lecture.

The only problem is I had about 20 minutes to learn it and the other guys could not remember all the years and stuff like that the day before. So I’m supposed to be superhuman and remember something in 20 minutes that somebody does not remember in 4 hours…

And in the end I remembered everything I tested and that I got good marks. Do you know why I managed to learn the hole lection in 20 minutes? Due to emergency!! I have 20 minutes to do it. And it is more likely to be a situation where someone with a gun stares at you and waits for these 20 minutes to get away and then kills you (if you do not know lexi obviously).

It was probably the greatest lessons I learned from being at school, Emergencies make you do things in very short time intervals. And why do not my friends learn it? Because they’ve about 5 hours to do this…. Just follow these tips and you’ll see dramatic results.

3. Domino effect

The domino effect is an effect that we all experience in our lives but that we never really consider. This is described in many books and lots of people speak about it, but now I want to show you one example.

I’m a big fan of physics competition and that I see it as a way to improve my knowledge. And I was released from school for one week. It sounds really good but on the other hand at the same time we must have plenty of tests at that time.

I was surprised by a situation because I wanted to go to competitions but grades were very important to me. And I saw that I had to study hard and get tested in all subjects before the free week. That’s a big challenge. I study hard but I in fact do not know everything.

Plenty of people will say I got lucky and perhaps I did, but I see the same thing a lot and it is a domino effect. What in fact happened was that I took several tests on the same day but still missed plenty of subjects.

I had a choice, to be proud of some of the subjects I did or to go for all of them. You guessed I chose the second… And I did, I do not know everything as I said but when I was being tested I was very confident about the other results I got even if I forgot something with that confidence I would easily recall the information again .

So in fact the tip you’ll get from this section is: be confident and all the time believe in yourself and when you start all the dominoes will fall.

4. Concentrate on all subjects and make tactics

Let’s return to studying particularly. Most students don’t really consider all subjects. If they’ve exams on Monday and oral exams on Tuesday they will just practice like crazy for the exam on Monday. That’s why they will get bad grades in both exams…

First, it is going to be easier for your brain to retain information from one subject if you rotate the things you are studying.

I do not want to say that you must change the subject you study every 5 minutes (I attempted it for about 30 minutes and it turned out to be a disaster) but rotate multiple subjects in one day. And the second reason is that you cannot learn something in one day. Even if you succeed, you’ll forget the information very quickly and getting tons of materials for one day is not a pleasing experience.

Every time you study, consider all the subjects and try to come up with a good plan how to study everything a little at a time each day so that you’ll remember it much easier and far better.

That’s the key to getting good grades and often the only thing you need to know is this tip. Many great students study early and then end up getting good grades.

Just think of the situation if someone is going to offer you to study the same material for 5 hours and you have days to do it otherwise you have 5 days with 1 hour each. Just consider it and you’ll find that this is a really useful tip.

5. Use the keyword technique

One problem that I find very big is loss of concentration. You read and read and when you finish the entire lecture then you ask yourself what did I study and I’ve been in plenty of situations when I said to myself Nothing.

To get rid of that problem I suggest you use the keyword technique. Here’s how it works:

If you read about Abraham Lincoln for example, then anytime you see that you’re losing focus you should say: Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln…

It will put you in a state where the most vital thing is Abraham Lincoln… And you just must consider it. It will help you study or simply read about something you must remember.

When you concentrate well on something then you can remember it more easily and very fast. But on the other hand if you do not, you are going to have plenty of trouble remembering some easy things.

6. Keep your desk clean and arranged

Do you remember the last situation when you got home and you were pretty tired from school and you just wanted to sleep or 30 minutes rather than work.

And there is a surprise….Your desk is clean. Your mother said that you should tidy up a bit. You are angry, tired and you do not know what to do, and even worse you have a test tomorrow…..

This is only one situation where not clearing your desk is a bad idea. But I want to speak about some other situations and problems.

When you see an organized desk you are ready to get to work, you feel you can do it.

But on the other hand if you have plenty of clutter on your desk then it leaves you in a state of a lot that you must do, not only to clear the table but it looks like everything you are about to do will go down the drain. be very hard and mainly because of it you’ll fail at most things you undertake. Also when you study an organized desk means a useful desk.

When studying you need plenty of stuff and you need your private part of a house, it does not matter if 1m/2 you must have it, where no one bothers you and you have everything you need.

So the thing I want you to remember is that you must create your own study area and keep it clean and arranged.

7. Learn the hard stuff first

You have some things to do, you have 2 tests next week and a few homework to do. What will you do first?

Maybe you will get that homework and spend the entire day and when you finish it you will think you have done something great, but the reality is you have not…

If it is important homework to do than do it, but do not think that you have less homework because your exam is more important. It’s all in how much a particular task is important to you.

On the other hand if you’re training for a test then you’ll fill in like you are doing something big, something that will help you. And when you get rid of the big problems, these little ones are too easy to do.

That’s what my mom tells me all the time and I do not listen to her but it is probably the greatest tips I got from her even although it looks so easy it has a lot to do with your brain and your motivation. .

And one of the bonus tips is: try to estimate how long it will take to do such a large task, and then try to skip that time and reward yourself maybe with some kind of food or a game you can play or whatever it’s, it is important to reward yourself and just have a reason to do something.

8. Focus on one thing and concentrate

Many of you make to-do lists every day or from time to time. When you make that list, you are just trying to get rid of all these tasks as quickly as possible and you do not care which comes first, in other words everything is important to you… That’s one big issue that you must consider when you start doing something off your to-do list.

Successful people only have one thing that they think is important and they do it for life. There is one thing that matters the most, for Steve Jobs it was software and computers for Albert Einstein were physics and they were the best at it.

There is just one thing that matters most, in your life, in that year, month, week, day, hour…

Every day when you make your to-do list, you must ask yourself what’s the most vital thing I need to accomplish today? And when you do this, you’ll be very happy, happy.

And everything else is just something you should do if you can. Don’t waste your time when you’re at your best on some stupid thing. Use that time to become a better person, leader, friend, and just to make yourself happy.

9. Morning and evening routine

You hear about routines and rituals, and about how important they’re and that I just want to tell you the same thing again and offer you some examples.

I personally haven’t got a morning routine that has 200 steps, there are some that are very easy, and those are getting up, working out, having a shower, eating, and watching episodes of some series. This is while I’m on break and I’m trying to enjoy my school holidays but still in good shape to continue my schooling, I’m writing the article you are reading, I’m studying physics for the next year, I’m writing a song… so I’m trying not to waste total waste and routine can put me in a state where I can try to attain some goal.

All successful people have their own morning ritual.

Also having a nightly ritual is an incredible idea and when I have a certain time when I go to bed, I get the best grades at school, I get enough sleep and that I remember better. It’s all about having something that you’ll repeat and repeat and make it a habit.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to be a successful student. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.