How To Be More Attractive Man INSTANTLY: [New 8-Step Guide]

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Today you’ll find out how to become a more attractive man.

And I’m not going to be talking about pickup lines or how to convince a girl to like you. I’m going to discuss subtle ways that make you more attractive as a man.

So let’s just get started.

How To Be A More Attractive Man:

1. Take care of yourself

So this is where first impressions and the “halo effect” come into play.

For example, let’s say you are meeting someone for the first time and they look like “I don’t really take care of myself.”

They have matted hair, they smell awful, you have never seen them before so in your head that’s how they’re.

Although they may not be what we see as we haven’t any prior information about them.

You know what they say – do not judge a book by its cover – but that is what we do.

So there are many things you can do to maintain your physical image. I’ll tell you three core things you need to do to start maintaining your physical image:

  • Go to the gym

You haven’t got to be a bodybuilder, but staying in shape is all the time a good idea.

  • Self care

Get your hair cut, shave, brush your teeth, take a shower – get clean. Girls really appreciate that.

  • Smells great

One of the most threatening things for a girl is bad smell. You can have the best looking man
around but if he smells bad its done turn it off.

So you haven’t got to go crazy with it – just clean, use deodorant, body spray is a plus. But obviously a little bit of Cologne goes on.

Just do not overdo it.

Whenever you take care of yourself, do it because you want to because it makes itself felt

If you go to the gym, do it because you want to take your body to the next level. If you are a guy do it because it makes you feel good.

Don’t do it just to make someone like you.

2. Have standards

I consider this a higher level of attraction creation, because having standards and truly deciding what you want in a girl makes you the chooser, not the chosen one.

It puts you in a dominant position, making you seem to be a guy who really knows what he wants. For girls I find very attractive bags.

Plus how many standards mean you will not go out with any girl. So girls must prove they’re worth your time.

3. Have fun!

Whenever you are out there, socializing, meeting girls and other people, do not forget to have fun, okay?

If you are worried trying to impress a girl all night, then that’s not going to be fun for you. And the girls will notice.

So do not take yourself too seriously – have fun, make them laugh, enjoy yourself. You will naturally create a vibe that’s fun and flirty and naturally attractive.

Women find that very attractive.

4. Stop trying to flirt with women

Just be friends with them. Let me tell you a secret about women.

Women are wary when they feel a man is trying to seduce them. The reason is that when a guy hits a girl, he feels that a guy wants something from him.

She felt that the man had an end goal and she did not really care about him. So he shuts down and does not really respond well.

Let me provide you with an example just to understand this better.

Let’s say you have a boyfriend and you are at a restaurant and you go to the bathroom and when you come back there’s a guy trying to flirt.

Now he is trying to flirt and stuff and your girl is aware that there is a guy trying to get near her. How worried are you? Not many.

I mean unless your girls are enjoying it and truly responding to it, you should not worry too much, because this guy does not really stand an opportunity.

But, let’s say when you get back, he is having a deep talk with this guy. Now you care more.

That’s why it is more powerful to befriend a girl first than simply trying to seduce her.

In the first scenario, the girl may find this guy very annoying and annoying. In the second scenario he might think he is a very cool guy.

This is why having standards and a little bit of pickiness is so important, because when you are searching for something more than a pretty face, they are not going to feel like you need anything from them.

And they sense that and they will not feel the need to raise their guard or approach you, because you will not be interested in them until you get to know them better.

5. Be sincere

So let’s say a girl likes baseball and you pretend you like baseball even although you are not just trying to establish a common ground.

Never do this.

If he likes the Yankees and you like the Cubs, do not pretend to like the Yankees. It is much stronger to really disagree with someone than to sincerely agree with them.

Girls are really good at knowing if you’re sincere or not (1). If they do not feel you are sincere, they will not feel they can trust you.

And as an added bonus, disagreeing with someone in a nice way can create what’s called relationship damage. That this is very interesting.

6. Be interesting

Focus on your own life.

See, this is the basis of real attractiveness.

You can go online and study every kind of pickup lines but nothing really exists after that. You cannot really keep a girl for very long with just pickup lines.

It’s like going to a Christmas tree and picking up the coolest looking pressing box and opening it and finding nothing inside.

So build a life where you have fun, you enjoy and do cool and interesting things and you are passionate and you do those things to impress nobody.

Are you doing it because you want to which makes a girl excited to be a part of your life.

7. Don’t be afraid to make physical contact

Physical touch done in the right way releases oxytocin which is a hormone related to bonding and love.

So when you get into a physical relationship, you can begin creating those same emotions in a lady.

And for this to be truly effective, your touch has to be relaxed and cozy. Don’t try to do this in a sexual way.

There are lots of ways to get started with this, but if you are not very snug with it, here are some things you can do.

You can create a secret handshake that only the two of you know about, you can do a high five or a thumbs up to get used to a light touch on the shoulder every time you need to get his attention or even leave him on the waist every time you need to move him around.

The idea is for both of you to feel snug enough to do easy touches like things become normal.

Also, and this is important, if at any point she does not feel snug with you touching her – stop touching her.

8. Being pre-selected

There was a psychological study where they showed women pictures of a man standing in a crowd, and they were asked to rate their attractiveness.

The second group of girls was shown the very same picture but one detail was changed. The boy in the second picture has a girl looking at him and smiling at him.

They were also asked to rate their attractiveness.

And guess what happened.

The second group rated the man much higher than the previous group. It was because they saw other women looking and smiling at him.

See, this is like a cheat code in terms of attraction. Preselection is when a lady becomes interested in you just because you appear attractive to other women.

So essentially hanging out with other girls automatically makes you more attractive (2) to other women then if you’re alone or with other male friends.

See, this is another really good reason why being friends with women is so rewarding.

Thank you for reading this article on how to be a more attractive man and I actually hope you take my advice to heart.

I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.