How To Clean Your Room Fast Step By Step: [In-Depth Guide]

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In today’s article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to quickly clean your room step by step.

Room cleaning is a must if you care about cleanliness and order. It does not matter who you are – whether you are a teenager whose parents finally need to clean up or an adult looking to get over the mess.

With my guide, you can more easily clean up your own room, and perhaps even find out why you have so much trouble with cluttering.

Who likes cleaning? Maybe not much, although I know, and very pedantic people. But if you are here, I’m sure you are not one of them. You may be discouraged by the state of your room.

Garbage, dust, dirt, clothes scattered, leftover food – how to deal with it quickly and efficiently?!

It’s not just about dealing with it in the here and now. I’ll try to explain it to you. The problem may be in a bad habit that you have not even noticed.

Why bother when being aware of certain things will protect you from the mess that usually happens?

What can you do to stop clutter in the room?

Yes, I know – in this guide you may expect golden advice, a good cleaning schedule, and astonishing tricks and life hacks that will make the entire process easier.

Don’t worry, the time will come for that. First, it is worth wondering why you are reading this article. If it is out of curiosity, that’s fine, but if your room is in a tragic state, it is a good idea to first check why that’s.

I’ve prepared some suggestions to help you avoid this problem in the future. And it happens that a scrupulous cleaning will help make some changes.

So this is the perfect time to make some changes in your bedroom. I’ve used lots of them myself, which leads me to believe it is well worth it.

First, stand in the middle of the room and look around.

Do you need everything in it? Maybe some decorations and statues aren’t needed? Often we keep something from our youth indoors, but over the years we grow out of it.

And somehow we do not want to rid the sentiment of old things. The same thing happens with gifts, but sometimes they’re duplicates, or we do not use them at all. So why at all times look at it?

I’m not forcing you to throw away half your knick-knacks, obviously, but consider it. The more decorations and gadgets you have, the tougher it is going to be to clean up.

Put the nicer stuff in the box. If there’s an empty space under your bed, even better, because that’s where you should put all of your stuff.

And now, on the contrary, maybe something is missing from your room?

It’s a couple of magical thing, more particularly, a little trash can. Some aren’t so bad that they interfere with the aesthetics of the interior. You can easily hide such a trash can someplace, for example, in a corner or under a table.

Then there isn’t any need to throw trash on the table, table or floor, or fly with every sheet of paper to the trash can located elsewhere.

I only suggest not to throw leftover food in it, even in the form of a dirty yogurt container. Then you’re going to get a bad smell in the room, all worms love it.

Your room should be practical and ergonomic.

But what is it? Being a rebellious teenager, when my parents finally forced me to clean, it nearly at all times led to a little bit of renovation. Maybe in your case it is time for some changes?

Moving furniture often results in extra space. Planning it wisely is the basis. In extreme cases, you may consider replacing the furniture with new ones. We do not do it very often, and furniture is becoming more and more practical. And the more it fits, the better.

Separate one place – It could be a drawer, shelf, bar – for the items you use often. For example, it could be a phone charger, wallet, calendar or notebook, any keys, documents, etc.

If all of these are placed next to one another, you will not be cluttering different shelves or cabinets. Plus, you will not lose any of this stuff.

Make your bed every day – After all, it’s the piece of furniture that’s likely to take up the most of your space and is the most conspicuous. And you regenerate on it.

All of the above points seem very logical – and simple to do. Contrary to appearances, they’re very important. A little renovation can work wonders, as can getting rid of or hiding things you do not use and do not need.

Using a trash can will make sure that they will not be wandering around the room. OK, you will must take the bag with you, but is that too much? Room for more important items is a step towards separation. And separation is among the keywords here.

Careful bedding is the next step to maintaining order. These 5 points will make you break bad habits for good habits. And you’ll fight your laziness.

What if you clean the room properly if in a few days it is another mess? Regularity and regularity should be permanent, not occasional.

What do you need for immediate and efficient cleaning?

I assume you need a scrupulous cleaning, which may include different washing surfaces. Don’t overthink it, as you will get through this much quicker if you get the right equipment for fighting dust and dirt.

Garbage bags – There is no point flying in with each trash individually or haphazardly throwing it in the trash. Buy multiple rolls and even try to separate them. Put plastic in one place and organic waste, such as leftovers, wilted flowers, etc., in another.

Microfiber cloth – cheap and very useful. They declassify normal fabrics. This type of cloth is absorbent and used for both dry and wet cleaning.

Cleaning wipes for furniture – This type of tissue is moistened and smells good. They can replace cleaning agents when cleaning wood furniture. There’s no need to wipe it dry because it dries quickly on its own.

Tissue paper – can be used to wipe shelves and cabinets that have been washed.

Cleaning products – preferably for specific surfaces, such as furniture, windows/glass, monitor screens or TVs. It can be in the form of spray, foam, milk, concentrate or even gel. Don’t skimp on detergent, so long as you want faster cleaning.

Air freshener – well, a really dusty room can already smell bad. So you must sprinkle air freshener.

Vacuum cleaner – preferably with a rich set of tips. In addition to standard brushes, it should even have mini slotted or shrink brushes for furniture upholstery.

Mop, if you want to wash the ground. Some mops are smart enough to offer machine washers and microfiber cloths. They can lay flat, but a conventional rotary mop will just do as well. It is best if the fibers are microactive as they wash more effectively.

Broom, broom and dustpan – an alternate to a vacuum cleaner, even though a better brush on a stick can complement it. And that’s essentially what I mean now – for example, with an electrostatic sponge to keep dust out of the air. For allergy victims, this is important.

Household gloves – if you’re very uncomfortable with some residue and waste.

Vacuum bag – I ponder if you know them? They are used to store clothes, bedding, blankets or towels. They save space in the wardrobe and are perfect for seasonal clothes, keeping them fresh and sterile.

Work uniform – some old clothes that you normally walk around the house with. There’s no point messing with something more valuable.

Empty box – to put things off a shelf or hide something in them permanently.

There are a few, even though some of them may be in your home waiting to be used. Some of these are also more optional, so reaching them depends on the scale of the cleanup.

Oh, I nearly forgot. The most significant thing is motivation. You can read hundreds of clever tips and tricks, but you will get nowhere if you do the cleaning for a while. It’s really up to you.

It’s all about playing energetic music, muting and shutting your smartphone, or planning your work (even though this article will go into more detail). Preparing mentally for such activities is extremely important.

How to Clean Your Room Quickly Step by Step

Finally, the time has come for this important part of the material.

You have a few plans in your head for removing a few items from the room, and perhaps a little renovation. Motivation has increased, and everything you need to clean is at hand.

I suggest you book all day, even though a lot depends on the size and clutter of the room.

So it is time to fight this bullshit!

1. You need space, so it is a matter of throwing out unnecessary things and moving some design elements around. Delete or hide anything you do not need. Pick up trash. Put dirty dishes in the kitchen. Throw dirty clothes into the laundry basket and sort them by color if you have a laundry sorting system.

Put other items, such as scattered clothes (including those that look clean) in one place. Also, place more delicate items in designated areas. It can be a cabinet, chest of drawers or preferably a separate box.

2. If you will continue cleaning, empty everything – wardrobes, drawers, shelves, shelves. Remove all decorations and accessories, including those from the walls.

You should get as close as possible to a room that looks uninhabited, even empty. I suggest such a procedure, because you will be cleaning every nook and cranny, and I believe that hasn’t been done in a long time.

3. Take care of the bed (1). Change bed linen, and if there was a recent change, at least ventilate it in the sun.

This is important, or there will be a bad smell in the room. Vacuum the mattress instantly, as there may be crumbs or small debris on it. At the end of the day, cover your nest.

4. It’s time to vacuum and dirt. The trick is to start by vacuuming the ground. Why? If you start by vacuuming the furniture, it may get a little dusty again after vacuuming.

Of course, a lot depends on your vacuum cleaner. These bags are a problem. Otherwise, with the cyclone model, which filters the air well. The best cleaning robots should not pick up dirt either.

5. If there isn’t any more dust on the shelves and furniture, it is time to clean these surfaces. Wash everything, including the drawers. Then clean with a paper towel or dry cloth.

Finally, wash the ground and wait for it to dry. Use this time to regenerate or have a light meal. Just do not be lazy!

6. You can get a renovation now if you have an idea on how to rearrange your room. It is best to find someone to help you if you’re moving heavy furniture.

7. Vases, decorative cups, photo frames, cups won in competitions, wall clocks, mirrors – these kinds of souvenirs, accessories or gifts should be cleaned before you start assembling or hanging them. Some of these need to be cleaned with dust and others with a damp, dry cloth.

And remember your computer or TV. The back of a monitor or TV at all times collects lots of dust.

The next step is to carefully separate your belongings and clothing. Everything has to have its place. Organize however you want, but so you do not waste space in your closet and have easy accessibility to these more important and more often used items.

Otherwise, you will must dig through things, and that is a simple way to make the mess you are struggling with.

Clothing should be divided into several types. The sweater must be folded as it can stretch on the hanger. You will be surprised how much space you can gain by sorting your things carefully.

9. Room ventilation (2) or squeeze the freshener several times.

10. At this point, I suggest you complete your order to continue it the next day. This decision depends on the size of the room, the scale of the job, or the degree of grit of the surface where you live. You can do it all in one day, but also rest, regenerate and begin the next day.

11. And the next day, you can begin by cleaning the windows first, if the weather is right. It should be warm, even though the window shouldn’t be exposed to too much sun, otherwise there will be streaks.

12. Check different nooks and crannies, for example under beds, rugs and behind cabinets. Also remove cobwebs from the ceiling, unless you want to share the space with spiders, but I’m pretty sure you do not.

13. Finally, you can vacuum again or move the cleaning robot. This device is quite interesting in that it works independently, that’s, without your participation, or at least without much interference.

For smaller rooms with less complex layouts, even comparatively inexpensive automatic vacuum cleaners are appropriate. And such equipment can run even every day for several tens of minutes, so consider buying one.

There he’s! With such knowledge, preparation and scheduling of tasks should proceed comparatively quickly and efficiently. And absolutely better than no proper action plan.

I’m going in the direction of a really comprehensive cleanup, but I do not think it is worth leaving out. It must be done correctly to make it more comfy in the future.

Then, all you must do is take care of your place, i.e. get rid of the bad habits and acquire the great ones, which I mentioned in the first part of this guide.


I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to properly clean a room. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.

Effective room cleaning tips will finally help you take care of your room. I firmly believe that they will change not only the room itself but your approach to cleaning.

Mobilization, work, consistency is the way to success. The hardest part is at all times the start, but if you get started and follow my advice, you will be capable to handle things right.

And if you like my advice, I have a request. The things you do not need during the cleaning process give them to someone. Of course, so long as it is in good condition. It might be an old toy, some decoration, a gadget or a piece of clothing that’s too small.

I know it might be easier to throw it away, but better to give it back to those who need it.