How To Do Homework Fast, Fun And Easy: 5 Homework Hacks

how to enjoy learning again

In today’s article you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to do homework quickly.

As long as you go to school you can’t avoid homework, because it’s part of your learning process. And often we tend to have more homework and assignments which give us so much pressure in our school life and our teachers won’t let our minds be at peace.

Instead of complaining about how much homework we have, let’s find out productive ways to do homework faster and have fun so you can have more time for fun and freedom at school.

I have 5 pro tips to share with you and that I hope that after reading this article, you’ll increase your study productivity to do your homework faster and have fun during your school or college life.

Fast Ways to Do Homework

1. Eliminate distractions and stay focused

We need to know where the time goes. More often we spend time doing something that’s not productive. We may spend our time watching Netflix, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. When we read books we should do homework or do self-development

But… social media, video, and e-mail are digital distractions that steal our time and perhaps this article you are reading might distract you if you are doing your homework right now. The best way to do homework faster is to get back to work after reading this post.

The best way to stop being annoying is to make personal rules for yourself like setting a timer and just focusing on your homework without touching your phone or opening other websites.

I use Flipd which lets me set a particular timer and Flipd which blocks all non-essential apps and that I use Chrome Extensions like… Stayfocusd or Block Site to block distracting websites while I’m working.

It can be difficult to have self-control or to rely upon your will, but it is really helpful to use effective tools to help us gain self-control during study or work. Sometimes, I forget to use my phone or open another website while studying or doing assignments but I just realize that I have blocked my phone or blocked a website, so I return to work.

Everything about your commitments you can erase when you lose commitments otherwise you get weak but you must keep fighting with it. Because I keep my phone away or block all devices during study or work, I can focus more and can accomplish plenty of things in a brief time.

2. Use a homework planner

You need to write down all of your homework in one place and set precedence which tasks to complete first or later and currently, I use myHomework app that I need to record all my homework and school assignments or any assignments I need to do.

If you do not write it down in detail, it is easy to forget it.

3. Start fast – end slow

When you do not do your homework otherwise you do your homework very slowly and when you’re near the deadline we just do your homework very quickly, it is called “Slow Start – Fast Finish”

Many students follow this method so that they’re exhausted and exhausted during lectures. If you follow the Slow Start – Fast End Principle, you’ll have too many mistakes in your schoolwork and the quality of the work won’t be that good.

When you get homework, you just try to get it done right away without delay so you start fast and end slow. No matter how big or small the homework is, try to get in the habit of starting fast and ending slow.

If you follow the “Start Fast – End Slow” principle your life will be less afraid or anxious and you’ll enjoy yourself more.

4. Make your learning fun and not boring

What should you do if you have a loud house? My most suitable choice that I can recommend is to stay at school to finish your homework or go to the library or ask a friend for a quiet place or a place that’s quiet and comfy and avoids distractions so you can properly focus on your homework.

What if you hate homework? What should you do? The answer is you need to consider your personal reasons why you are studying or taking that subject? You may consider the future benefits it will bring you when you know this subject very well and to be honest because I’m a sophomore in college one of the toughest subjects I studied was accounting

BUT… I must keep trying to study that subject because… one day I will create a company and it’s related to accounting and if I do not know this subject well it is really difficult for me to lead my own company.

You may take future benefits to encourage you to push you forward.

If you get bored every time you do your homework, you may need to take a brief break to refresh your mind and if you have been sitting for a long time, you should take a brief break or do some movement for 5 – 10 minutes. When you return to work, you’ll feel more active and more energized.

You can even grab a snack and through one of your breaks make yourself a healthy snack or fruit – this will help you reduce the boredom caused by hunger…

Listening to classical music can even help you improve your study concentration and focus on work. Personally, I like listening to Mozart Music anytime I study or do assignments.

Don’t listen to a song while doing homework because you’ll interrupt and interrupt every time you do not like the song and you change it…

5. Reward yourself

One way to help you get through a tough job is to have something to look forward to when it is done. You might tell yourself you can have ice cream or an hour of Netflix at the end or you can begin the next level in your video game otherwise you even make plans with a friend once you know you are going to finish your homework.

So tell yourself that you can only get rewarded if you really focus on your studies or homework. When you reward yourself, you’ll feel more motivated and have more fun.

Thank you for reading this article on how to do homework quickly and I actually hope you take action on my advice. I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.