How To Make a Girl Laugh: 16 Best Ways To Make Her Giggle

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In today’s article you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to make a girl laugh. So, let’s get started!

How To Make Girls Laugh:

1. Develop a collection of clever stories.

While you do not want your funny stories to feel too organized, it is a good idea to have a collection of interesting stories you can refer to after all other options have been exhausted. Stick to general points that are light and fun and try to avoid stories that are gross or personal unless you know the girl well. Remember – simply because your friend thinks it is foolish doesn’t suggest they will!

Consider some of the entertaining things that happened before, similar to when you put your shirt back on for a school photo. If you have pets, you may have encouraged some interesting pet stories to share. To keep things fresh, look at some entertainment sites like The Onion and get information from them when you need motivation.

2. Maintain some quality jokes.

Jokes aren’t the go-to tool when you want to show off your sharp mind, but they can be awesome when you want to be absurd. The cornier, the better! You can make it about him or run something broader. Maintain a strategic distance from unbalanced jokes of a sexual nature. Contrary to mainstream thinking, young girls do not find it cute – you might even make it awkward. Some examples of funny jokes you can try:

“Are you integrating my shoelaces? Because you tripped me up on you, young lady!”
“You have something beautiful everywhere. Friendly pause, it’s just you.
“A PC once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing!”

3. Create your own entertainment style by playing your quality.

Consider the things you do or say that make your friends laugh out loud all the time, particularly your girlfriends. If you are astonishing at physical cuteness, run with it. If you are a mimicry and mime expert, give that a try. If naughty rebounds are your thing, try some of these in quality. Just ensure they’re happy and not mean!

If you aren’t sure about your qualities, ask your friends.

4. Figure out how to laugh at yourself.

Try not to go crazy with your self-deprecation, but focusing on some preposterous things about yourself can make him laugh uncontrollably. Draw from your own meetings or find ways to make fun of yourself at the time. For example, if you tripped over something while out and about with her, you could say, “Well, this is my dream to be a fashion show!” This helps the mindset and also shows him that you’re relaxed and okay with who you are.

Try not to rely too much on this strategy, as it can get awkward or downright unfunny. That said, jokes that are barely thoroughly done at your own expense can be priceless.

Anticipate that your cuteness will crash and burn every so often. In this case, use a terrible joke to set the tone for an additional and get the discussion moving again.

5. Make entertaining comments based on previous discussions or circumstances with him.

It can be something as basic as, “Remember that time in history class when…” and then fill in the blanks with a viable account. Or try to come up with a funny comment based on something he said before – not only will he laugh, but he’ll most likely be complimented that you remember that detail.

For example, if she expresses to you that she likes style, ask for expert design advice and draw pictures of an unpleasant or ridiculous outfit you’d like to wear to an upcoming event.

6. Understand the power of funny pictures.

Pictures aren’t at all times smart, but sometimes you might keep walking across one that’s parody gold, do not you think? Once you do, save the image and send it via content. You most likely will not hear him laugh, but you might get an amazing “LOL” out of him! If you know he’d prefer something particularly, look for pictures of that particular point.

If he’s a Game of Thrones fan, for example, your choice is eternally! If she likes creatures or styles, find pictures of those things.

However, avoid sending him consistent image blasts. Some people may find this annoying or downright abnormal.

7. Send the link to a funny YouTube recording.

Find a group of stand-up comedians, for example, particularly if they’re talking about something you think he likes or finds interesting! Or you can run with something easier, like a collection of monster bloopers or a scene from his favourite satirical network show.

For example, if you know she loves the TV show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you can find some great clothespins to send to make her smile.
Try not to send him this all the time, but from time to time an interesting video will no doubt make him laugh out loud.

8. Scan smart GIFs that you can share or create your own.

GIFs are much shorter than footage and fairly online, so your source is actually timeless. Tumblr is an awesome place to look for funny GIFs, or simply search for “GIFs + whatever theme she likes” and see what you find. If unsure, download the image maker app and make your own!

9. Take a ridiculous photo of yourself and put a funny Snapchat channel over it.

This is not precisely a sharp strategy, but it can still be pretty funny! There are tons of channels to watch, so feel it and try things out with your partner. If you end up laughing out loud after making it, either way, he is going to find it interesting too.

He might even respond with one of his own jokes!

You can even send cute pictures of yourself, similar to those of kids.

10. Pick a good time to have fun.

When it comes to being smart, timing is everything! This is particularly apparent in light of the current state of affairs. For example, if one of you crashes for a drink at a restaurant, that’s an awesome time to make a senseless joke – it will help the mood. However, if he is upset about something going on in his life, track it carefully.

If his pet recently died or he flunked a math test, trying to cheer him up with a witty joke could make him crash and burn or perhaps irritate him even more.
If you run into something or do not feel amused that day, do not try to ride it.

11. Try to find what he finds entertaining and work on that.

Every girl is astonishing, so try to match her identity to make her laugh. Ask that the fundamental questions gather the information you need. For example, you could say something like, “Did you watch Stephen Colbert the night before?” If he is telling the reality, he is most likely into political parodies! If he is bringing up a certain movie or TV show, work on that kind of cuteness.

12. Maintain a light tone.

Some young ladies love dim cuteness and wry bounces, so if you are sure she likes it, just say it all! However, as a rule, it is better for everybody if you keep things light and fun. Direct mockery or negativity can convey strength or quirkiness. If you lose the hangman’s tree humor continually, he may ultimately get tired of the vibe or feel that it is just a bummer when it is all over.

Of course avoid making derisive comments for him, particularly if you do not know him very well.

13. Chuckle at him and not at him.

Laughing irresistibly and enjoying funny situations together can help strengthen your bond or make him more drawn to you. However, ensure you do not laugh to her detriment. If you laugh and have fun, you want him to do the same.

14. Mimicking his funny tendencies is one way to laugh with him.

If it is obscene, for example, use offensive silliness as well. Keep it casual if you can: if your smarts are generally radiant and mellow, getting a boring, sour style may seem limited.

15. Just follow the lead once you are sure of the style of humor.

Pardon the agonizing impossibility on his behalf if he seems uncertain how to respond.

Find out about his favourite comedians, smart movies, or sitcoms. Watch or refer to them while you are together to help freshen up the loose and smart environment.

16. Try not to feel that you must entertain all the time.

Everyone likes to laugh and have fun, but sometimes people want to have a serious discussion or offer something snug with you. If you crack jokes 100% of the time, then he most likely does not think much of you, or feels like he cannot tell you anything personal because you will use him as a joke. Make sure to change things up periodically so that he perceives you as a multidimensional individual.

Thanks for reading this article on how to make a girl laugh and I actually hope you take action on my advice. I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.