How To Talk To Women So That They Like You: 10 Successful Ways

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If you are attempting to find some strategies on how to talk to women, then you will find it Love This article.

You will find that talking to women is as easy as talking to your male friends. Even if you’re an anxious person, your anxiety will decrease if you follow the steps. I personally ran into many problems in this area. When I want to talk to women, I will be very nervous. I believe most of my nervousness comes from not knowing what to say when I’m about to approach a lady.

How To Talk To Women:

#1. Before talking to a lady, clear your malicious or evil intentions to have sex with her.

It’s not good to have intentions like this anyway. This will add to your nervousness, and make you doubt even more. Most women have strong instinct. They can easily tell if you are trying to talk to them for sex or some other type of manipulative reason. If you want to talk to women, just talk to them for fun. The truth is, some women, not all, want respect. They want people to be drawn to their personality, not their sexual organs.

#2. Don’t talk to women to please a certain agenda you have in mind.

This will also cause quite a lot of nervousness. You’re nervous because you are so focused on the outcome. Clear your mind. Talk to women as if you were talking to male members of the family, without an agenda. Don’t talk to women because you want a wife, girlfriend or sexual partner for example. Focus on all of that later. Focus on enjoying your time with women, getting to know them little by little. You will find that this is the best way.

#3. Do not talk to drunken women or while you’re under the influence of drugs.

Most women do not like this. I know you think this stuff calm you down. As previously stated, you are restless because you are too focused on the outcome of the situation. Stop caring what happens if you try to talk to a lady.

If your intentions are pure and you do not have an agenda, most girls will not mind chatting with you. Most of the time, your intentions seep through your words and actions. Plus, drugs and alcohol make you a “slave.” You don’t have any control. This shows a lady that you’re weak. consider it. You do not depend on your own strength to talk with women. You depend on substances to get something you should have already got. I’m not trying to offend at all.

If you choose to get drunk or do drugs, keep away from women you do not know. Yes, some women may use drugs and alcohol. Some do not. So by doing so, you separate yourself from a certain level of ladies. You must be willing to open up to a lot of women in addition to a lower percentage of them. For example: if I know that 70% of ladies hate smoking.

My plan is to interact with more women and that I smoke. I will quit smoking or smoking when I’m not around women. Does this make sense? I actually hope that happens.

#4. This may sound a bit foolish, but it is extremely necessary. Check your hygiene.

Make sure you shower, brush your teeth, shave, get a haircut and dress a bit modestly. Most women do not actually want to talk to men with bad hygiene. Think about it, do you want to talk to someone with bad breath and body odor? Not me. How can a lady have a nice conversation with you when you stink.

He would focus on leaving aside from talking. With poor hygiene, you alienate yourself from a certain layer of ladies. Myself, I want to be open to every “female category” as much as possible. Does this make sense? It should.

#5. Be yourself.

What do I mean by this? Don’t change your personality, trying to please someone. The media has conditioned us to be like little lambs and zombies. We were taught that ladies are drawn to “knights in shining armor.” personality This is very far from the reality. The majority of ladies hate compliments that they do not deserve. First, they know that you’re not sincere.

Second, they know that you try to manipulate them. Also, imagine if you were a nice-looking woman. Having a guy provide you with fake compliments all day, every day. Wouldn’t this bother you? I have been around men who would give women quite a lot of fake compliments. It annoys me and that I feel ashamed for the man. Lots of fake compliments show a lady’s desperation.

As stated above, I told you to clear your head and talk to women without an agenda. You might say, “but I love this woman.” How do you love a lady you do not know? You’re just infatuation, not love. This is how women find some men creepy. How? With all the fake flattery and egocentric agendas. Just stop everything.

#6. Be careful with your language.

Do not curse or speak obscenely. Even if the lady you are talking to does it, I suggest against it. Women with dirty mouths tend to be dishonorable. Using quite a lot of foul language and talking dirty will disgust most girls. I’m sure you will be called a “creep.” “Well Kevin I can’t stop doing it.” Well, to get what you want in life, change has to occur.

Think about it, why would you want to abuse women with dirty words? If your goal is for ladies to like you. Why would you do something that would disgust them? Does not make sense. Yes, there are some women who talk dirty too. How do you know if it is not a test? How do you know if he is just doing it for attention? How do you know if he really does what he says? You don’t know.

Since you do not know, talk to him as a human, not as a sexual object. Often times, women will talk sexually to men to get attention. Is it worth your time? Not me. After she gets tired of you, she will chat with different guys. You are just being taken advantage of. Do not be fooled. Talking to someone should be enjoyable for both parties. Also, since you chose to talk to this woman, would not you want her to respect you a bit?

By choosing not to talk to him sexually, he will respect you more than any other man he manipulates. He will choose to stop talking to you or want to develop a friendship with you. If all is holding up well, the relationship can thrive. A lady may test you to see if you’re like other men. Yes, this does occur. Why would a certain woman want to talk to another “simple-minded” man?

So some women have many ways to beat the “average male type”. Never, ever, “speak casually”. What satisfaction can be obtained? When you consider it, this is a bit odd. Tell someone what you are going to do with them. Most of the time, it never happens. Some kind of nerdy, fantasy kind of way of speaking. If a lady is openly sexual with you, it says a lot to you.

If a lady talks to you sexually when you first meet her, she could be a manipulator. No normal woman would do this. It could be that he’s trying to get your money or property. You can see that sexual talk is not as fun as you might think. This may be a big trap for you. Personally, women who use swear words are very unattractive. No matter how rich or poor a lady is, it shows no class. Can you imagine being around women who curse a lot? Wow.

#7. Let’s speak about how to form and continue a conversation.

This part is very easy. The media condition us to think that you must have some kind of stupid “take line.” No. Be sincere. Start a conversation by asking a lady a question.

Women love to talk, so they will not mind talking to you if you mean your question. Don’t ask questions when your behavior suggests you are bored. It will offend him, then he can leave. With the five questions I’ve listed, imagine the responses she would give. This is how you can have really long conversations with women and really enjoy them with her. Of course you do not at all times must ask. You can make an announcement.

You can mix statements and questions as you like. He will do the same too. If you run out of questions or he does not really respond to a particular topic, just change the subject. You can change the subject to fruit, vegetables, cars, weather, etc… It does not matter what you are talking about.

There is no specific subject that men and girls should discuss. Get these socially conditioned ideals out of your head. For a lady, any subject is interesting. As long as you have an interest, he will have an interest too.

#8. Remember the “20, 80” rule.

What is the “20, 80” rule. Let the ladies do the 80% while you only do the 20%. Why do I say this? Most women prefer talking to listening, not all. This may sound harsh, but it is extremely true. Some women will start to have an interest in what you must say, once they know that you’re really interested in what they’ve to say. Yes, this may sound unfair. What’s really fair in life?

Once a lady gets to know you, then you can raise the percentage a little higher. Always, at all times be sure that the lady has more to say than you. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is factual.

#9. Be casual when you talk to women.

You will find women will imitate your behavior. What I mean? If you are nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. The woman will too. He will not like talking to you. He’ll think you are strange or something. “If I’m perverted, will he imitate this too?” No, I did not say that. Women have strong instinct. They can sense how you feel. Of course you might be a little nervous when you approach a lady.

However, do not let it show in your behavior. When you are nervous, people like to speed things up. It is not good. Slow down everybody. Let everything go your way. If the lady wants to talk fast when you are nervous. Slow down when you speak.

Take a deep breath, do not strain anything. Make everything look calm and natural. Soon he will imitate this. Then he will relax and focus more on you.

#10. Don’t be afraid to joke with women. Many women love to laugh. Combine this with good conversation, he’ll be willing to talk to you some more. If you are trying to approach a lady, good conversation and laughter are key. If you can, tease him playfully.

If you are terrible at flirting, then do not do it. You may offend him. Women love to be teased playfully. However, do not overdo it. See it as a seasoning for meat. If you season the meat too much it will go bad. Similarly, teasing a lady too much or being too rough can turn her off.

So in conclusion, talking to women is as easy as tying shoelaces. It’s not difficult at all. Approaching a lady irrespective of the outcome. Yes, some women may ignore you. Why? They may think you are like other men who try to have sex with them. So do not stress about the results over the things of this problem.

The more you approach women, the easier it becomes. You will start to see what mistakes you made. You can criticize yourself and correct your mistakes. You will find that ladies are very attractive people. One might see it as “meat”. They are much more than that. You can learn a lot about life from women. Just open your mind.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to talk to women. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.