Why Relationship Fails: (10 Reason), And How To Overcome It

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In this new article you’ll find out about the reasons why relationships fail.

Ever feel uneasy that your relationship is not working out the way you hoped it would? Maybe you are one of the numerous people who avoid relationships out of fear that they will end up like the others.

If this sounds like you, then don’t be concerned! Below are ten reasons for relationship tanks. In each section you’ll also find a way to revive that old flame.

10 Real Reasons Why Relationships Fail

1. Sex

While it is taboo to discuss it openly, there is no denying that relationships that have a adequate amount of sex per week are healthier.

Sex helps create a harmonious relationship on the spiritual and physical planes between you and your lover.

It’s a undeniable fact that many ladies make the error of withholding sex from their male partners as a way of punishing them. However, I highly recommend against it.

Sex can sometimes help bring the two of you together, even during a fight. It’s hard to have angry or angry sex for too long after the act of intimacy.

Women should realize that men are physical beings and denying sex is not the way to settle a dispute or make a point.

On the other hand, men should realize that ladies are emotional creatures and frequently need more attraction from an emotional standpoint.

A man has to work hard to make sure that his woman stays wet just for him and her. She had to do everything she could to make sure that it was all the time at the forefront of her mind that she needed to give her body to him.

For example, men generally like to charm a lady when they first meet by caressing her ego or making her feel like a queen.

After several sexual encounters, the bundle did not look so pleasant.

To keep a lady all the time wanting more, a man must watch out to show the same enthusiasm that he did in the start.

This may mean calling the lady during the day to tell her that he’s thinking about her, or even that he cannot wait to get home to make love to her.

The key to making a lady want more is to do some mental foreplay before hitting her physically.

And yes – physical foreplay should not be neglected with regards to maintaining a lady’s interest.

2. Sincerely

You may be asking yourself why someone stays in a relationship where they aren’t treated with respect. Well, your guess is nearly as good as mine, but we know it happens a lot.

Whether it is peeking into your lover’s personal belongings, not respecting their time, or the value in your life; if not careful you can lose your lover easily.

Be sure to respect your partner’s mental awareness, physical space, emotional demeanor, and spiritual values.

Often people use the excuse that respect is earned, not given. This is okay with co-workers and even friends. But when you go the extra mile with someone to be exclusive, respect should become automatic.

3. Too Removed

Plain and easy, you must be indispensable to be appreciated. This applies to your career, your role in your church organization, and even relationships.

If your lover does all the work while you chill and reap the benefits, likelihood is you are on a rocky slope and do not even know the rocks are moving.

We must remember that our partners are human too. And nobody enjoys doing all the work. Instead let go of some of the burden on your partner to let her or him know you are indispensable.

My best advice is to choose something your partner does not like (cleaning the bathroom, for example). Even if you may not like cleaning, you know that your partner absolutely cringes at the thought of cleaning the bathroom.

Maybe you can take the initiative to clean the bathroom regularly.

This way if your partner has to clean the bathroom, the first thought that comes to mind is your willingness to come in and do the dirty work.

This goes for other things too – find out what you can do to make yourself indispensable in the relationship.

4. Misdirected Communication

How do you expect to learn and trust someone if their communication is limited?

Amazingly I have met married women who have male best friends on the side. My question to them is, “why marry someone other than your best friend?”

Ironically, they all the time avoid this problem. If you have open communication with your partner, then honesty will certainly follow.

If you are not sure how to communicate, try a communication exercise. It’s generally easier to ask or reveal some of the most private secrets over text, e-mail or IM.

As you feel more snug with the response you are receiving, you are your partner, you’ll begin to talk openly on the phone or in person about anything that you might have a hard time saying.

Before you know it, you’ll be an effective verbal communicator with your partner about difficult issues.

Now, remember there’s such a thing as being too exposed. You should not tell your partner things that will intimidate them or make them wonder what you mean by that statement.

For example, do not ask your partner to be in an open relationship time and again if you know she or he is against the idea.

And never mention that you are in love with someone else, because your boyfriend will wonder if he is good enough for you. This is an extreme case, but it is worth noting that some things are best left unsaid.

5. Live

Be sure to live! Live your life with your partner but not for your partner. It’s okay to get together every now and then with family and friends.

Your partner is not going anywhere – trust me.

This message is for girls mainly because all too often women give in to their emotions and shun family and friends just to spend more time with their lover.

This is not only dangerous for your relationships with family and friends, but also dangerous for your relationship.

Men need space (1), they enjoy hanging out with their family and friends, and they honestly enjoy the “alone” time they get when you are not around.

That does not imply they do not love you – it just means they want you gone so they can miss you more when they see you!

Take a look at your situation and determine if you’re smothering your relationship. If so, then plan to spend some time with your friends or family over the next two weekends.

You’ll see that he is still around when you get back and who knows it might add a little spice to your life. But watch out not to isolate him fully.

If you took care of all the items on this list, you have done your job and your relationship forecast is already looking a little brighter.

6. Appearance

Believe it or not, appearance plays an enormous role in your relationship.

Just because you are in a relationship does not imply you must stop styling your hair, wearing your favourite cologne, avoiding shaving, or even giving up grandma’s panties.

It does not matter whether you’re a man or a lady, you must remember that your lover interacts with the opposite sex on an everyday basis.

This is not meant to intimidate you, but rather to keep you on your toes. A fresh-smelling coworker should not smell any better than you, so stock up on your cologne.

The mom of three at the grocery store should not style her hair any better than yours.

Of course, I’m not speaking literally, but I’m thinking about how your partner sees you. There is no reason for a lady to walk around the house with a scarf on her head every time her husband walks through the door.

She should have the ability to embrace her beauty. As for men, they must remember that ladies love to smell men’s cologne in addition to having a well-groomed man.

Make sure to keep yourself looking as hot as you first met. Have you ever argued with a lovely person?

No matter how bad the fight was, it was hard to see beyond their beauty. So keep it poppin’ and ensure their eyes keep rockin’!

7. Previous Expectations

Most of us have experienced heartbreak in our past relationships.

What I want to explain to you today is that you must watch out not to associate your lover’s current actions with our past.

The old adage is true – do not let the past dictate the present.

Constantly digging in your memory bank is unhealthy and will turn anyone away. No one wants to relive your past with you – particularly if they try to move on from their own.

It’s okay to be vigilant and keep “warning signals” at the forefront of your mind so you are careful not to become involved in an abusive or unhealthy relationship again.

However, you should also remember that everyone seems to be different.

Example: Jerome is my ex who all the time turns off his phone anytime he comes home from work. I later found out it was to hide calls from women he cheated on.

When Bobby came into my life he did the same thing.

I suspected that he too was cheating on me until we kept arguing about it and he showed me that it was only because he did not want to be bothered by anyone while he was home.

I must learn that Bobby is different from Jerome. You must learn to do the same in your own experience. Also make sure to remember that nobody is ideal.

We all make mistakes, big or small.

But it is your job as a loyal lover to accept the mistakes made and move on from them.

Never forget, but there is no need to stay with someone if you cannot forgive their mistakes. And understand that forgiving is not reliving.

So watch out not to bring up their past mistakes every time you get frustrated by their behavior.

8. Compatibility v. Free

Interesting opponent, right? Well – not precisely and not all the time!

You must learn to separate matches to complement one another. Just because your boyfriend is the total opposite of you does not imply he is the one for you.

Positive and negative energies can only coexist for a brief time. Think about your own personal relationships and friendships.

Most likely you are paired with someone who looks like you. To make sure that your relationship will work, you must have the same yolk.

Somehow and somehow your relationship will remind you that you must be 100% compatible for it to work.

Being a complement is nice, but particularly so for friendship. Look at your lover and write down what you two have in common. This can be a clear guide as to how compatible you are.

9. Never Say Never

We’ve all said it. We’ve all heard of it.

And no matter which side we are on, we know that it’s the wrong thing to say to our lover. Especially in an argument.

You must realize that when you throw out the word “never” in a relationship, it instantly creates boundaries in your partner’s head.

Nine times out of ten your partner is not thinking all the time particularly in an argument.

For example, if I clean the kitchen once a month, and my boyfriend cleans it 10 times a month, he may have amnesia during an argument and tell me I never clean the kitchen.

Well obviously that’s a false statement, and logically I know that he admits that he cleans it up more than I do.

But if he yelled at me that I never cleaned the kitchen, I would feel underappreciated and my work (no matter how small) was wasted. Therefore, he placed a limit on me.

You want to avoid this at all costs.

If you are someone who throws the term out a lot, try thinking about another term instead. One less threatening like “rarely” or “almost not”.

10. Commitment

Lastly, to have a healthy relationship both parties must remain committed to the relationship (2).

A relationship cannot survive 80/20 and even 60/40 love. There has to be a 50/50 give and take and both parties must foresee long term plans in the relationship.

To keep things at 50/50 level you have to be certain to follow every step outlined in this post. Don’t worry, it is easier than it looks and it is fool proof.

Thanks for reading this article on reasons why relationships fail and I actually hope you take action on my advice. I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.