15 Signs Of Selfish Person: Characteristics Of Selfish Person

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If you have ever wondered what are the signs of an egocentric person?, this article is for you.

Selfish people are those who take advantage of others when they need them and do not deliberately help those who help them in a crisis. You at all times find such people around you in today’s era when people have few moral values ​​and lack the sensitivity to help others.

In this scenario, when you look for somebody around you to help you at odd hours, you have nearly no reliable people or friends to help you overcome the situation. It’s important to know egocentric people so you do not remain alone in uncommon times.

Let’s speak about identifying egocentric people or signs of egocentric people.

15 Signs of a Selfish Person

1. Selfish people do not keep their promises

Selfish people do not keep their promises. They promised many things but didn’t deliver. Their commitment is pointless. They convince you in such a way that you keep relying on them and then they cheat you. Then you are in an awkward situation about what has happened to you.

You tell others that nobody is as reliable as that person but when you look around in trouble, the person who promised to help you in every situation does not spare even a couple of minutes to look after you.

Elected leaders sometimes behave like egotistical people who visit your home and workplace every day up to the election and promise you many reforms in society, but when you tell them your problems after they’re elected, they hardly listen to your complaints. and involve you in official procedures and formalities.

2. Selfish people make statements that contradict themselves

Selfish people make statements that contradict themselves. No matter what Selfish people say, they back away from that statement and do not do what they say they want to accomplish.

Whatever they say and do; totally different. Their actions differ from what they say. They make plans for you and then change those plans.

3. Selfish people use you to their advantage

Selfish people at all times use other people for their own benefit. Selfish people may pretend to be your close friends or relatives, but they’re often plotting how to use you to their advantage. If you are of no use to them, they won’t last long with you.

In husband and wife relationships this has become a common problem, where girls or boys prefer to choose a life partner who is rich, rich and powerful, so they can take advantage of these items.

If the egocentric person finds another choice where the girl/boy is richer, prosperous and powerful than the previous one; they aren’t above playing on other people’s sentiments and moving on to other relationships.

This has developed infidelity in society leading to the breakdown of the establishment of marriage. Among young people, the exchange of pricey gifts in affairs has become very prevalent, where the relationship breaks up because of lack of exchange of such expensive gifts.

Many dowry cases in court are delayed because of the egocentric nature of egocentric people.

4. Selfish people are master liars

Selfish people are master liars. They have reasons for everything. They easily lie to others about their relationships, education, friends, and contacts with the authorities.

Regardless of the fact whether or not they have connections with higher authorities in the party or political leaders, they pretend to be very near those political leaders in order to impress and dominate people and take advantage of them.

5. Selfish people disappear when you need them

Selfish people assure you that they will take care of everything when you need them, but really they sneak from there, when needed. Selfish people disappear when you seek their help by giving lame excuses over the phone or sometimes they do not even pick up the phone or tell their members of the family that they’re not home when you want to meet them in person.

6. Selfish people do not help

Selfish people do not help anyone easily. They aren’t inherently kind, generous or helpful. They only consider how to make the most of any relationship. Instead of giving anything away in any relationship, they believe in taking goods and benefits from others.

7. Selfish people believe in vanity

Selfish people believe in vanity and they show off a lot with the intention of impressing others so that benefits can be derived from the new contacts and relationships.

Selfish people give quite a lot of money and dowry at their daughter’s wedding, it is not because they love their daughter but to impress others and gain from all these items at their son’s wedding.

Selfish people are at all times calculating and business-minded even in very close relationships.

8. Selfish people seek respect from others but they do not respect others

Selfish people seek respect from others but they do not respect others.

Sometimes during weddings, paternal uncles, sons-in-law, brothers-in-law make disturbances at the time of repairing the marriage or any of the rituals related to it.

If such conditions of relatives aren’t accepted, they create disturbances and interfere with functions without thinking about the emotions and expenses of others because they only want to establish their domination over others irrespective of others.

9. Selfish people at all times maintain relationships where they benefit themselves

Selfish people make and break relationships according to their needs. When they find someone important to help and solve their problems, they maintain the relationship.

If they cannot find a very important person to solve their problems and help them, they keep their distance.

10. Selfish people do not take responsibility

Selfish people talk too much but they do not live up to it. They never assume responsibility.

They use other people and delay when a responsibility is assigned to them. They delegate it to others and they want to avoid being responsible for anything (1).

If something important is anticipated of them, they pass it on to others while they prefer to be credited with completing tasks they never did.

11. Selfish people at all times try to please you and only say things you want to hear

Selfish people are flatterers and say whatever you want to hear for your own good. Such people can never be your well-wishers because they accept every statement you make as true to your face and make fun of your decisions in front of other people.

By flattering you they gain advantage over you and you feel that such people are your sympathizers while they’re enjoying their life by fulfilling their desires by fooling you.

Selfish people at all times try to please others so that they can use them anytime needed but egocentric people really haven’t any respect for such people.

12 An egocentric person is not a well-wisher

Selfish people are never well-wishers for anyone because they’re master liars and flatterers. They value people who meet their demands.

When their demands aren’t met, they start to criticize. They have never been well-wishers for anyone because they never speak the reality.

According to their needs, they lie or start flattering. Even if you look ugly in clothes, egocentric people will respect you by doing this, they will please you and take whatever their requests or expectations are from you.

Selfish people enjoy promotions, bonuses and more incentives by pleasing their bosses in that way.

13. Selfish people envy your success

Selfish people pretend to be happy under all circumstances and they understand how to please others. Even then egocentric people are jealous of other people’s success.

They cannot tolerate other people’s advances. People who thrive, they’re sick in the eyes of egocentric people. An egocentric person cannot even tolerate the success of his friends and loved ones.

Selfish people do not strive for fulfillment and look for shortcuts.

14. Selfish people curse others before you and curse you before others

Selfish people criticize others before you and condemn you before others. Selfish people are at all times changing. They never stand-by someone for long.

Selfish people do not maintain long-term relationships (2) if they do not find it useful. Selfish people never hesitate to express your negativity in front of others and vice versa.

15. Selfish people at all times consider their own priorities and not about others

Selfish people at all times consider their own priorities and not about others. If they found someone else in trouble, they would not help but start thinking how to take advantage of others even in their strange circumstances.

Egoistic people don’t take care of their parents and loved ones but on their parents’ death bed, egocentric people achieve first, not because they love their parents but to sign property documents and other assets before their other siblings.

If Selfish people spend money on medical treatment or cremation of their parents or relatives, they take double from their relatives who present fake bills.


It is important to know the salient traits of egocentric people. It is pragmatic to distance yourself from self-centered people. You can never grow honestly with the help of egocentric people.

If you want to enjoy success based on your honesty and dedication to your work, you must keep your distance from egocentric people.

If you find something negative in yourself as mentioned above, that includes you as an egocentric person. Get rid of those flaws and walk the way to success honestly.

Thanks for reading this article about the signs of an egocentric person and I actually hope you take action on my advice.

I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.