How To Be Confident Around Girls: [3 Awesome Strategies]

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If you have ever wondered: how to be more confident around women – this article is for you.

3 Tips on How to Be Confident Around Girls

1. Take a couple dance class

Who does not love to dance – I know you do!! But let me tell you something, did you know that attending dance classes is among the best ways to mingle with women.

And guess what – most of them are single, being around lovely girls how are you going to be confident around them if you are not around them?

This is your chance to challenge them, seduce them, and get physical! Can you?? You have the opportunity to become a class leader, step up, become a man.

Be an opinion leader, let them know you’re a man who does what he wants If you will be around them, DO NOT BE A NICE PERSON!! Be the other way around.

Be cheerful have neutral conversations with people you are interested in. Kill approach anxiety by being the man you are. MASCULINITY is the word.

In addition, dance in pairs has many advantages that you don’t know, for example:

Did you know that an hour of dancing is at least as hard as an hour of jogging? PLUS Dancing is a simple way to do a cardio routine.

Instead of running down a dirt road or treadmill, you can hold a girl 8 years younger than you while she laughs and screams while you burn calories.

The benefits of ballroom dancing practice apply to all ages which is another compelling reason to make it a form of exercise.

Social dancing can lower the risk of heart disease, help people manage their weight, lower blood pressure and…

Those who fully utilize their intelligence in dancing, at all levels, love the taste. Leading and following spontaneously involve getting into a state of flow.

Both leading and following benefit from very active attention to possibility, just in case you do not know.

And I believe it is great that the Lead and Follow roles share the same emotional ideal. The best prospects value the options Follow has to consider every second of interaction, and respect and value Follow’s input into the pair dance collaboration.

Did you know that Latin dancing has many other physical and mental benefits for its participants? The physical benefits of dancing include cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, and even bone strength.

Note that if your social circle is weak because you must move from city to city because of work or family situations, you can at all times try social partner dance studios.

You will feel comfy around lovely girls.

If you know what you are doing, you will not fall into the friend zone with people you want to keep to yourself.

Dancing on the other hand is fun, social and you’ll really enjoy it.

This will result in weight loss on its own and you burn calories in each class, but it will also increase your energy and help you build injury resistance. You will get fitter, and then if you decide to do more

Dancing requires fast motion, continuous exertion which makes it a form of cardiovascular exercise.

Another benefit of this is that it really speeds up weight loss. One of the biggest mistakes many people tend to make when trying to lose weight is not focusing at all on building muscle, particularly the body part you want to improve.

When you build or tone muscle, your body has to burn calories just to maintain that level of muscle.

You increase your ‘resting metabolic rate’ meaning that you burn more calories throughout the day – even when you’re sleeping believe it or not!

Regular dancing is what you need to develop extra strength and muscle tone, and thus dancing will help flatten your stomach, get rid of ‘bingo wings’ and make your legs and buttocks firmer. You’ll start changing in the same way once you add dance to your own schedule.

Few people realize how detrimental their posture is to their health, here is some information you may want to consider.

Long hours of work in front of the computer have left many of us with hunched and rounded shoulders and a weakened lower spine and this not only damages the spine and causes back pain but also increases stress.

This prevents you from breathing properly and even negatively impacts self-confidence, remember that our body language often informs our mental state.

To get good at dancing although you need to mind your posture, roll your shoulders back and lift your chin and chest up those are alpha traits.

Constantly remembering to do this can ultimately impact your natural posture throughout the day leading to more balanced and healthier muscles, relieving back pain and promoting proper breathing.

Dance instructors teach the flexibleness necessary for many high kicks and other flamboyant moves. Most dance classes will also include a long warm-up session that tends to include lots of stretching as well.

By increasing your flexibility, you won’t only improve your athletic performance, but also avoid diverse injuries. For those interested in building muscle in the gym, increased flexibility can increase range of motion through exercise and thus appear fuller muscles.

Another way that dancing can reduce injuries is by improving balance. Many dance moves involve balance, while holding positions that require plenty of balance.

By practicing these moves, you’ll build strength in the smaller supporting muscles, in addition to throughout your core and thus you’ll become better at maintaining your balance at all times while playing the game.

Your kinesthetic awareness is your ‘body awareness’ and, finally, dancing is an amazing way to boost your mood, even though its health benefits shouldn’t be underestimated .

Dancing, like any sport, will help produce natural antidepressants like endorphins, but it is also great fun and an excuse to interact with women.

Since dancing is something you do with your partner, it is also an ideal way to feel closer to someone and to strengthen a relationship – which is just further helped by the indisputable fact that you will both be developing more toned and athletic bodies as well.

Get smarter by dancing:

You would possibly agree that intelligence isn’t just a numerical measure, with 100 plus or minus numbers assigned to it. But what precisely is it? What do you think.

To answer this question, we return to the most basic question. Why do animals have brains?

Just as jiu jitsu and MMA make you smarter partner dance or any kind of dance makes you smarter because of the indisputable fact that you must think fast and solve problems.

Strengthen your personality and self-confidence, you become more masculine, you’ll become less afraid and assured, remember to speak loud when leading the group or the girl, you at all times want to lead even if you do not know precisely what you are doing. decisions, make plans, be a lead planner, get good posture, it is going to be easier after being a good fighter and a good partner dance leader, the girls will feel it and perhaps will send you some tokens of interest.

2. Take MMA training

Girls love fighters. Women love violence.

They would say things like “we don’t like violence, we hate stupid people always fighting.” The women who say things like this have one thing in common: they’re lying.

Women really like men who handle violent confrontations and emerge victorious.

I know that you’re smarter than fighting all the time – but just having the ability to handle a violent confrontation is sufficient to make them interested in you!!!

Knowing how to fight is nearly essential, martial arts is a sport, like any sport with rules and discipline. All Martial Arts are good to train but they do not teach you how to fight.

Boxing teaches you how to throw hard punches, but if the fight goes to the ground, the boxer is finished.

Muai Thai shows you how to beat your opponent to the knees, but if the fight ends on the ground, the boxer Thai Kick is over.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches you how to beat someone on the court with unlimited submission options, but does not teach standing combat or punches.

While training in an MMA gym, you’ll meet plenty of people with the same interests as you. You will not meet too many people who are afraid of their own shadow. You can hang around with other outfits kicking ass and taking names.

MMA training teaches you self-defense. If the need arises, you’ll have the ability to defend yourself against attackers. The notoriously tough (possibly) nightclub bouncer who likes to start fights and gang up on MMA bar patrons will teach you discipline.

MMA requires discipline. It teaches the discipline of mind and body. If you do not know, MMA teaches the discipline of eating right, sleeping right, and practicing right.

MMA is a wonderful physical exercise. Sparring or grappling for 5 minute rounds is completely brutal cardio wow, which is why many fighters are normally in top physical shape.

We both know girls like bad boys (1). They sensed a really masculine vibe from the bad boys.

They want to feel protected even if you are not hugely gay, they want to know that you can step up and be a man.

MMA training will push your personality clothes will look good on you after all that training. You will automatically walk away with confidence, you know that. Your face will look fitter and healthier if you eat and sleep right.

Do you see all the benefits that MMA brings to your life not only physically but also mentally. Determination, consistency, patience, hard work in all areas so do not hesitate and find a local MMA gym and get started today.


There’s a difference between a good outfit to a tremendous one, men have problems in terms of nice clothes, color combinations, shoes and jackets, etc.

Girls will qualify you: have a regular man or have a high status man with CONFIDENCE, remember to be a good groom and keep cologne in the car.

I hang around with girls only because of my cologne and the right attitude replace your toilet paper with baby wipes!!

You can look great even in a tracksuit if you know the combinations of clothes and modern styles make an impression on her.

Remember it does not take much to dress well if you spend 40 to 50 dollars a week you can have top quality clothes that suit you perfectly.

The combination of those attributes makes for better seduction if you have taken mma classes, or dance classes to socialize it is going to be easier to approach any girl at this point you must be pretty CONFIDENT in business as well.

Remember to keep your head up and look people straight in the eyes, do not look down, do not be shy, here are some clothing tips you should wear for CONFIDENT GUYS:

Custom suits and imported silk ties look fine, but are of little use to young men in their late teens and early 20s only for special occasions.

Even if you can afford such a wardrobe, most of the time there is no place to wear it – it is too formal to socialize with a 20-something, and very few men drop out of college and go straight into a robust financial or legal position. office.

So much advice on how to dress a good man (2) is not very useful for highschool and college students, or even for graduate and working students in their 20s.

A good suit is helpful to have on hand, but not something you would wear when going out with friends.

So what to wear? Here are some tips:

It’s safe to assume that almost all young men have a few jeans, long sleeves, T-shirts, converses, a tee or two, and perhaps a few button-down shirts in their wardrobe. If you do not have one, you are possibly very well dressed or very creative.

Guys wearing BOOTS, girls would qualify you have a really masculine guy combining it with the other attributes we just talked about.

Tennis shoes. unless you are dressed in tracksuits.

Maybe they will qualify you to have a low value man unless you wear really clean and expensive shoes so keep them clean!!

Conversation – Swap for casual leather shoes. Saddle shoes, wingtips, brogues, loafers – there are many choices, guys.

These are all just examples of a straightforward point: the more items you have in your wardrobe that are not the same blue jeans and T-shirt, the sharper you look, right?

T-SHIRTS– Switch them out to polo shirts, V shirts, light long-sleeved T-shirts, Henley shirts, Breton tops, and other light but different styles.

If you are wearing a T-shirt, something in a solid color and without any designs or artistic designs is best, but understand that the weather is a factor, so find out how to dress in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

LEATHER Jackets – I personally love leather jackets of all colours and styles, other great casual jacket options are from heavy quilted bomber jackets to tight moto jackets. They have a little bit of a “tough guy” to brag about them.

WATCH DRESS – Stay within your budget, but having either a metal or leather band is suitable. Something modern would be a Bluetooth sports version and is something that would catch the eye. Such a watch I have in my collection

Well, you should at all times match your skin. Anything from a good Timex to a Rolex will work, but keep it small and easy so you can wear it in a casual setting.

Whoever said women do not care about appearances is lying. Just to make one thing clear is to look good and be a good looking guy.

However, with that being said women do not care about looks as much as they care about well-groomed men.

They want a well put together man who values ​​his looks. You do need to make an effort and consider what you wear

Individuals act when there’s an incentive. So what’s the motivation to dress well? The benefits are many, one of the tips on how to dress well for men is to dress yourself in comfy clothes, obviously.

Choose a style that you think looks good and suits your personality. Fashion is really an expression of yourself. Do you know that?

I suggest you if you do not consider yourself fashionable to really take the time and study fashion. BUT you should not wear clothes that do not suit your personality or that are uncomfortable.

Find clothes that suit you perfectly. If you are not comfy wearing it, you will not feel confident at all, that’s something you want to bear in mind.


Taking action to accomplish goals is maybe the most difficult part of accomplishing personal goals.

In order to get something done, you need to take action. Things barely occur by themselves.

But taking action can be hard and hard. So it is simple to end up in Lazy Ville or Delay.

How do you get out of that kind of behavior and develop the behavior of taking more action.

We need to stop overthinking staff and do something about it.

The day you decide to do something is important but the day you start TAKING ACTION is important so wake up, wake up I know you can do it, beat your fears, I believe in you.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to be confident around girls. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.