How To Attract a Girl To Like You: Psychological Journey Into The Female Mind

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In this new article you’ll find out how to get a girl to like you.

Here I will take you on a psychological journey into the female mind! If you want to start using my tips right away, we clearly need to keep this short and sweet. Below you’ll find individually numbered steps that you can understand and use from today. Females may seem complicated, but once you fully understand their chemical makeup, you’ll be on a more stable footing.

How To Attract A Girl To Like You:

1) Why do girls act like I do not exist, I’m not ugly!

First, while you may never be ugly, people in this world are interested in certain “types.” Even if the girl you like might not think of you as “her type,” that does not imply it is all over. Have you ever seen girls who change their style based on who they’re for the year – like this girl who loves hot punk rockers, then abruptly shows up with a strange new hairdo with pink highlights. You must be like that girl.

Adjusting is not at all times a recommended idea, but if it helps break the ice, why not try it? I’m not telling you to dress like the girl you like, but analyze past men she’s dated or liked. Are they neat? Are they gothic? Are they skaters? How do they compare to you?

Start imitating their clothes, actions, and interests. If you do not know his past girlfriends, the best starting point is social media. Browse through her page, what she likes and how it relates to her past relationships. It’s a tough move, but if you are not his type, the odds are against you from the start!

2) I’m his type, but why does he think I still do not exist?

Alright, you covered his type area – So why does not he still like you? Obviously one of two things going on here. Either you have not made a move otherwise you made a move and messed up.

If you come right out and tell her you like her – you have lost. 99% of ladies look the other way when there is no game to play, unless you are Brad Pitt you do not stand an opportunity when you beg or express. You must be subtle about your flirting skills!

For example: Sally, the girl you like, was playing basketball outside her house when you walked by.

What should you do? Come test your skills….

A) Did you look down at the ground and leave quickly?

B) Did you see him say “You are so hot”… then run away?

C) Do you tell him he is hot when you are in one place and looking out at him?

D) Do you walk like you are headed towards your destination and smile gently at him, just enough for him to notice?

If you say D good job! Easier said than done, I know, I know! You must remember that frankly can and WILL ruin everything once and for all, the best kind of seduction is the “girl” seduction.

You understand how the girls wink and twirl their hair in a cute “hehehe”. No, you personally do not need to start twirling your pretty locks, but you should start off as confident and a little flirty as they do. (Slight grin while walking by or by looking directly into his eyes then looking straight ahead, Never looking down is a sign of lack of confidence)

The worst thing you can do in this situation is NOT to be confident, women are attempting to find a robust partner, someone who will protect them, not someone who is afraid to speak up. So remember confidence is key (not being a jerk, however, it will not get you anywhere contrary to belief) this is finished by holding your head high while your posture is not in that of submission.

You need to have a gradual voice and most significantly use your eyes! The body speaks from the eyes and you can at all times tell what a person is feeling through the eyes. You need to encourage the indisputable fact that you are him without pushing him at all, after a week or two of subtle hints he will start paying attention to you… NOW WHAT?


Now that he knows you are his type, confident and have those astonishing flirtatious eyes, you should start “hanging out” with him a bit more. Join the group he is in, check his facebook page to see if he’ll be at the mall tomorrow night. He is??? Well I believe you need a new pair of shoes if you know what I mean. Try friending him on facebook if you have not already. Once you have befriended him, do not text him anything. It’s a clear gift that you love it! Keep pushing and pushing without him noticing. Make sure not to talk to him or get connected in any way
what ever! This step is for him to see how great you are so he starts falling for you.

4) After you set “get along” with him without “getting along” with his pace.

It’s time for the second phase, this will generally occur within one to two weeks after you start “hanging” in place. Now you need to move on, it isn’t a full-blown move where you ask her out, but we’re getting closer. If you hang around with her after school at the drama club, try telling her you need help learning your lines.

If you have shown up at work or his hangouts, ask him next time if he’d like you to give him a ride or walk him home. If you have walked past his house when he plays his shooting game every day, ask him if you can play his game. Get on Facebook and write an easy “Hey, do you know when the next basketball game is?” these are called opening questions. They are NOT pushy, but reassure her that you’re a good guy.

5) After the above is finished, you’ll either be fully rejected for things that are out of your control (like he has a girlfriend, he does not want a girlfriend, otherwise you failed in the past) or he will consider you every night before going to bed asking -ask if he likes you or not.

Keep ensuring to see him or hang around with him, DON’T do this continuously, ensure you give him some breathing room too. Being too friendly can cause him to just be friends or being too pushy will make him not want to be around you. Keep pressing SLOW and it will work!

Please understand that these steps are NOT fail proof, but they do work with NORMAL girls and NORMAL guys. There are exceptions to every rule, but the chemistry of ladies’s minds is easy… all they want are three things which include; someone “cute”, confident and interested.

Even if these steps are used correctly sometimes they’re just at the wrong times, in which case it is called repeat and repeat and repeat. Whatever you do, ensure you do not do the four moves that will end it all….


Don’t choke him at all


If you check his facebook page DON’T BE CLEAR ABOUT IT!


Girls love the game, they want to play it. What’s more fun, going fishing and collecting dead fish from the beach or throwing your rod and letting out a big bass that fights you all the time? OMG!!! Girls want fights, they want to have what they’ve, it makes them feel valuable and as if they “don’t deserve you”. They want to feel special and by thinking that they won your heart and that you can be with any girl in the world


4) BE a jerk

Contrary to popular belief, girls do not want a jerk, they want love. If you are trying to attract a jerk type of girl then your relationship is over before it even starts! Girls love having someone treat them like gold, they need to be loved.

The only reason girls fall in love is because they still feel like they’re playing a “dating” game. Trying to fight for the jerk’s love, even if they’re in a “relationship” – this isn’t an excellent choice at all.

Simple, yet complex… I wish you all the best and I’ll continue to put more quick guides out there so you can tease yours. These are “simple” steps to get a girl to like you. Each step can still be broken down into a million other reasons and I’ll be working on each of them as we build this series. Thanks again for reading my book, now go find your boyfriend!!!