How To Enjoy Being Alone: Start And These 5 Things Will Happen

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This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to enjoy solitude. A lot of people all over the world hate being alone. It’s possible that everybody feels it at some point in their life.

We are scared without our friends, family or partners. We feel uncomfortable traveling alone to unfamiliar places and we get lost when nobody is around to help us. We fear having to live without someone to depend on. We fear that we aren’t strong enough and not good enough to stand on our own two feet.

It’s natural. Resistance to this solitude. We all feel it deep inside, even although we sometimes want to deny or ignore it. And it causes great stress in our life.

To avoid being alone, we are continuously trying to form relationships. Online and offline. We date, sometimes even marry the wrong person, only to have someone to lean on to fill this empty space in our lives. We watch television for hours, eat junk food or buy toys we do not need – as a love prosthesis. Especially love for ourselves.

How can this process be reversed? Be careful and full of self-acceptance. It’s hard, but you can really appreciate being alone. Isolation can be liberating, it can be a chance to know yourself better, deeper. It’s good to be alone and discover what you do not know about yourself. Thus we can know who we really are and what happened throughout this life.

Being alone is no reason to be afraid. Solitude can be lovely.

And what can occur when you yourself begin to appreciate loneliness, you’ll find out below.

How to Enjoy Solitude:

1. You develop the strengths you need and those you did not know were within you.

Whenever I mention that it might be helpful to experience loneliness, I hear: “It’s scary, how can someone live life alone when we’re inexperienced and we don’t know much?” Yes, it can cause fear. And that’s a reason to learn it. Sometimes we are afraid of something that is nice for us. It will make us more mature. At first, such experiences can be painful, but do not let yourself get caught up in a situation simply because you are afraid to go alone for a moment.

Because it’s far better to learn to be strong and stand firmly on two feet than to depend on others. As you begin to become independent, asking for help every now and then will be a sign of strength, not weakness.


You do not understand how to manage finances? Start studying. Read a book or follow money
management blog. Learn new skills and use them.

You do not understand how to protect yourself? Find out which situations could be threatening. Pay attention to the environment. Learn the basics of self-defense. Feel more confident when you go around town alone.

Regardless of what skills you want to strengthen within yourself, the key is to take small, persistent steps, day after day, in the direction you want to go.

A journey through life is really a continuous learning. Process. You get stronger the longer you travel. It’s like a child coming home for the first time. It can be a little scary the first time and sometimes the second and third time too, but with time it becomes more fun.

2. Your relationship will strengthen and your dependence on your partner will decrease.

Does wanting to learn to be lonely mean not having the ability to be in a relationship? Absolutely not, but if you do not feel good about yourself, then you will not feel good in any relationship. Why?

Because you become dependent. When your thoughts and behavior revolve around other people, you regularly forget your needs and this can be dangerous. When you let someone else be in control of how you feel (and vice versa), you both become dependent on each other. And abruptly, it turns out that one cannot plan anything without acceptance from the other side. All activities – even watching tv – are negotiable and must be accepted by both parties. When someone starts to feel bad, the most vital thing is to make them feel better.

The biggest problem with this dependence is that ultimately the aversion to a partner is born from it. If they get angry over little things every now and then, because they had a wasted day at work, that’s understandable. But if they want you to feel that your purpose in life is to boost their mood 24/7, ultimately it will start to tire you and you’ll have enough of their needs and wants. You will take care of their needs if they take care of yours.

3. You learn that being alone does not imply being lonely.

Being alone does not imply you are lonely, and being alone does not imply you are left to fend for yourself. You can be lonely even in a crowded room, right? Problem
not because we are alone, but we feel lonely even although there are other people.

Remember to choose friends wisely. It’s at all times better to be alone than in bad company. If someone’s presence does not help you – leave. Don’t just stay silent because you are afraid to be alone with yourself.

4. You find the mental space to support your decision.

Everyone you care about does NOT HAVE to support every decision you make. When you are surrounded by people 24/7, it is really hard to get along.

Family and friends will not at all times support your plans, but you should still pursue them. Follow your instinct – it means you do what YOU feel is right, even if others do not support it. Only time can tell who is right, but our instincts are hardly ever wrong. Even if things do not go your way, at least you will not be left wondering “what would happen if”. You will know you’re going in the right direction when you’ll stop looking longingly at the past.

5. You will experience YOUR life more.

One of the toughest challenges is living in your own skin. Being in the here and now, wherever we are. Too often we are distracted. Food, alcohol, shopping, television, news, social media, games, smartphones. All of this deprives us of the opportunity to experience THIS moment.

We work compulsively. We compete compulsively. We’re in a compulsive romance. We run away from ourselves and the truth that surrounds us. Many of us fall into such schemes in order not to experience emotions and feel lonely. Solitary, or those who must deal with real feelings: with fear, excitement, uncertainty, anger, excitement, rejection, disappointment, sorrow, etc., etc., etc.

And it does not matter whether these feelings are positive or negative. They must be very strong and tiring. That’s why we prefer boring.

The truth is that every of us is addicted. From avoidance. Realizing this is the first step to getting out of this state. I suggest getting started right away. Take a breath. Start paying attention (without judging) everything that surrounds us, all emotions. Start BEING in this moment, which we call life.


Being alone can evoke fear, but also joy. We can learn it. Finally be ourselves entirely. You can do things depending only on your inner needs, without waiting for somebody else’s support. you matter.

Learn to be alone. you deserve it.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to enjoy solitude. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.