How To Flirt With a Girl Over Text: Amazing 10 Tips To Do It Right

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If you are trying to find some strategies on how to seduce a girl over text, then you will find it Love This article.

Flirting has all the time been a difficult task for most people. Those who are good at have what appears to be an innate gift. In today’s world with texting as the main form of communication, flirting has become a problem for some of us. Well I jotted down a few words of wisdom that I hope will help in your teasing endeavors.

So whether it is just that cute guy or girl you just met or that highschool crush you had for years sending the right text message at the right time can work wonders. The key is to tease them in such a way that they think of you when you are not texting one another. Good luck!

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text:

1. Don’t be shy, get the ball rolling!

In today’s world there isn’t any reason to be afraid to take risks, so be the first to send flirty text messages. It’s okay, trust me. You will not come off as clingy, needy, or desperate, but rather someone who shows initiative. Remember in the end text flirting is going to be a two way street so starting the process is harmless.

2. Start with a bang, not a bang!

Just saying a straightforward hi or hello with a cute smiley face will not get the job done. You need a good opening that will make conversation fun. For example sending “I heard about this great new movie coming out” is far better than that awkward pause between hi with nothing more ready to say.

So come prepared with communication ideas and personalize them if you can. Also use lots of winks, smiley faces, xoxos and the like in your flirty texts. Including it in your message will give it the mysterious, sexy, and romantic impression you are trying to find.

3. Don’t hit their head with it, otherwise be smooth!

The best way to flirt is to be mysterious. Use hanging carrots so they will want more. Sending a text that digs the surface innocence but may have another interpretation is all the time a winner. I’ll leave it to you how naughty to get here, but you get the idea.

A clean example might be “Next time we meet we should do something interesting!”. For you ladies out there, a good one might be “I’m going to go cook later, I don’t know if I should wear a skirt or these little black shorts.” I believe you see what I mean.

You’d watch out not to cross the line from flirty to dirty, unless that is what you are trying to find. If that is the case then this is not the article for you. This is for texting flirting and not sexting.

I’m a man and that I know sometimes we get excited and go far. So for you ladies in this scenario, your reply to the online comments is essential. So if he is going overboard, send him a wink to let him know you understand, but change the subject. Unless he is slow he’ll catch on and a wink will keep him going.

4. Make them think of you!

You do not want to jump right in here but use subliminal messages to make them want to meet you. For example, there’s a new coffee shop that opened, sometime we should try it? You do not want to be direct and say I want to meet you, instead using another approach. Using open-ended questions I believe works best in most situations.

5. Be patient, not a zealous otter!

If you reply to every text instantly, it may look like you are just sitting on your hands waiting for them with nothing better to do. Waiting five to ten minutes for a reply can sometimes be a good thing. Remember that you do not want to come across as needy. Waiting a bit can really have positive results. This will let them know that even although you may be busy, you still want to message them.

6. Spread it to last!

The point of flirting texting is to keep the thrill going. Therefore, do not use up all of your ammunition without delay. You can flirt over texts for hours or even days if you play your cards right. Hopefully this will let anyone you flirt with know that chatting with you is not boring.

7. Don’t get frustrated!

You should not get mad if they do not get back at you right away. Remember they play games too, maybe? So stay calm and never reply asking if they received the message! Wait for a response!

8. Ask good questions!

Remember the key to seducing conversation is open conversation. You want to ask questions that require thought and typically require more than a yes or no answer. Remember to use a wink and make the questions fun.

9. Everyone loves compliments!

Giving compliments is a winner because everybody, no matter who they’re, loves getting them. It works very well by drawing you to them and does not require much effort from you. As a guy, I know having a girl who boosts my ego feels great, and one who does not likes feels good. One of my favourite “You look great, have you been working out.” When I heard it, I could only feel muscles rippling whether I was really working out or not. Succeed.

10. Be careful what you text

My motto is not to flirt with texting something that you would be uncomfortable with if someone else was reading it. Honestly you never know who is reading it. Have you ever texted someone while hanging out with friends, it goes both ways. I believe in presenting a positive image so dirty, vulgar, and explicit conversation is not the intent or purpose of this post to be helpful.


Flirting when done the right way can be fun, even if you are doing it while texting one another.

Thank you for reading this article on how to flirt with a girl over text and I actually hope you take action on my advice. So I wish you well and that I hope my advice helps a little.