How To Tell If a Guy Likes You: 15 Sure Signs He Is Into You

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If you have ever wondered how to tell if a guy likes you, this article is for you.

Guys can be so hard to understand! I’m sure you already know that if you are reading this text! We’ve all been there – you really like a guy and you think he likes you, but the signals he gives sometimes say something different.

One minute he is being nice and the next he is mean. One day he wants to talk to you and the next he ignores you.

There is at all times a reason for a man’s behavior, and if you know the signs to look out for, you’ll begin to understand him better than he will!

This article provides some signs he likes you.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You:

1. He was mean to you!

Okay, so the guy you like is mean to you. Does this mean he does not like you? NO – absolutely not! Guys act very differently to girls, particularly when they’re around other guys.

If a guy’s friends find out that he likes a girl, they will tease him and even tell the girl that he likes her.

This is not what a shy guy wants! It would really embarrass him and make him feel really awkward.

Most guys won’t ever show they like you if there’s even the slightest chance they will be made fun of, even making it appear to be you do not like you to ditch their friends!

If he thinks you like him, this can change the way he acts, because he’ll be less nervous if his friends find out and tell you, because he wants you to know!

If the guy you like is being mean to you, pay attention to the following signs which can help you understand whether he likes you or not worth messing with,

1. Does he act differently when his friends aren’t around? In the absence of his friends, his guard will drop and his true personality will be exposed. This is an awesome indicator of how he really thinks of you.

2. Does he look embarrassed when he’s impolite to you? If he is being mean to you in front of his friends, he is possibly feeling so bad that you will see it in his body language. He may not have the ability to meet your eyes with him, and he may even turn red. If he likes you, he does not want to hurt your feelings and it will show.

3. Is he mean to quite a lot of girls or is it just you? If he is just mean to you there must be a reason! If you did not do anything bad to him then why is he acting so bad? Watch how he acts around other girls!

Also remember that some guys are just plain mean! So do not waste your time on a guy like that. If you suspect that he’s a total bad person, then forget about him and move on!

2. He ignores you.

Just because he does not talk to you does not imply he does not like you!

Shyness is very hard to overcome for some people particularly if they think they will be rejected.

Imagine if you really like a guy, but when you talk to him he really pisses you off and makes you feel really bad.

Well, guys, all the same! He may think that there isn’t any way you want to talk to him. He possibly thought you were so far out of his league that he would not have the chance to go someplace with a girl like you!

If you like him and he ignores you then you should talk to him. Try it, see what the reaction is. If he is nervous then you can tell he likes you and he is so shy that he does not know what to do or say!

He might be the most confident guy at school around his friends, but that does not imply he is confident around girls.

If you truly want to know if he likes you then you must test the waters!

3. He looks at you.

Ok this may seem apparent but you must see how he looks at you.

Does he see your lips move when you talk to him? This is a sure fire way to know that he likes you!

When a guy sees your lips moving, he might think what kissing feels like!

If he looks you in the eye when you talk, this means he really likes what you must say. The man is fascinated by you. See if he makes frequent eye contact with you. Enlarged pupils? Dilated (getting bigger) pupils are an awesome way to tell if someone finds you attractive.

Have you ever turned around and caught him looking away quickly? You just caught him checking you out! Try and watch him out of the corner of your eye, if you catch him staring at you then you can tell he likes you!

Guys will stare at a girl they like so much they will not even know they’re doing it. Ask one of your friends to see if he checks you when you turn your back. If he likes you, his eyes will be on you!

So – keep an eye on him!

4. He likes the same things you like.

Have you ever talked to a guy and found out that he likes all the TV shows and films that you like? Well – he possibly is not!

When a guy talks to you about your interests, he is most probably just trying to keep talking to you.

He loves talking to you so much he’ll say anything to keep him moving!

He may share some of your interests, but if you find him agreeing with everything you like then you can be pretty sure he is into you!

If you can find something you know he does not like, pretend you do and see what he has to say! If he starts telling you how great he thinks he’s – he is into you!

If a guy does not share your interests, do not assume he does not like you – he might just be being honest!

Just play by ear!

5. He interacts with you on social media.

Pay attention to how he interacts with you on social media. Does he like your Facebook comments more than anyone else?

Does he share random things with you or things he knows you like?

If a guy likes you, he’ll try and interact with you as often as he can, even when he is lying in bed miles away!

Keep an eye on all of your social media accounts and see how often he interacts with you!

Does he ask about places you go that you only put on social media sites? That’s a sure sign he is interested in what you are doing!

6. He pays attention to the little things.

You’d be surprised how much a guy who likes you pays attention to you!

If a man mentions your shoes (1) or clothes, or whatever little changes you make to your appearance, then he cares so much about you, he notices little differences.

You can test it by changing the earrings or using lipstick with a rather different color than usual.

If he mentions it then he has eyes on you, and the reason he has eyes on you is because he likes you!

7. He asked a question.

If a guy asks you quite a lot of questions, he is trying to get closer.

Does he seem interested in your home life or what you did last night? Does he ask what music you listen to or what books you read?

He scolded you, he wants to know everything!

He’ll be hanging on to your every word, desperate to find out everything he can about you!

If he ever asks if you have a girlfriend, even although it seems a utterly innocent question, do not hesitate at all – he is into you!

Watch out for hidden questions too. Instead of asking, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

He might say, ‘Are you going as a couple to the films or simply with your friends?’

Or, ‘What do you do when you are not with your friends?’

He asks do you have a girlfriend but not right away!

Listen carefully to his questions, he will offer you a lot!

8. He acts cute when you’re around other guys.

Green eyed monster – jealousy! I’m not talking about him punching a guy in the face because you talk to him, keep away from people like that!

Watch for subtle signs that he is worried that you like another guy and not him.

When you are around friends and talking to a guy, does he keep glancing at you? Does he try and have interaction in any conversation you have?

Just because a guy is jealous at this stage does not imply he will be jealous if you hit it off. He’s just worried that he isn’t the right person to get you, and it will show in his body language.

If you want to know if he likes you, watch his reactions when you laugh and joke around with guys. Don’t make it uncomfortable for him!

When you have seen his reaction and you think he likes you, go and talk to him or engage him in conversation.

There’s no worse feeling than thinking about the girl or guy you like being drawn to someone else!

9. He makes minimal physical contact with you.

A guy who likes you’ll do anything to get a little little bit of your body on him!

If you notice his arm touching yours when he bends all the way down to pick something up, or him touching your arm when you talk, these are signs that he likes you. Guys like contact just like girls.

If you feel a little electrical shock between you when he touches you, he does too, and if he does it again he loves it!

Place your hand briefly on his arm while you speak and watch his pupils. If they get big then he likes you BIG time!

Touch is probably the most apparent ways to tell if he likes you, so be on the lookout for seemingly innocent and quick contact between you.

10. He compliments you.

If a guy likes you, he will at some point try and compliment you. Be aware of hidden compliments in addition to apparent compliments.

A hidden compliment might be as easy as him asking if your hair was styled without telling you how good it’s.

He may be too shy to come right out and say he likes him, but he wants you to know that he has. Ask him what he thinks if this type of question is ever asked, his answer will tell you precisely what you wanted to know!

If he gives you a clear compliment, thank him and tell him how great you feel that he has your eyes on him. If you do not make her feel good about her comment then she’s possibly too embarrassed to do it next time!

If she compliments you, compliment her the next time she makes a change or buys a new dress. If he likes you, it is easy to tell by his reaction. When a girl he likes tells him how great he’s, his ego goes through the roof!

You can easily tell if he likes you by his reaction to the compliments you give him.

11. Show up in the same place as you.

I’m not talking about stalking here! If you find a man outside your house looking into your bedroom window then that’s a different story!

I’m talking about if a guy randomly showed up at a restaurant where you were with your friends after you checked in on Facebook.

Has he abruptly started hanging out at places you hang around where he is never been before? He’s possibly not trying to be strange, he just wanted to ‘accidentally’ meet you!

I’m not saying try the next tip often, but if you want to know if he really wants to see you, put a status on Facebook that you and your friends are going bowling or something and then see if he and his friends decide. ‘ go bowling too!

12. He smiles at you.

Okay, we all smile. We all even have different smiles, which we use for various people.

Notice how he smiles at you. If a guy smiles at you differently than he smiles at other girls, then he sees you differently (in a great way!)

His lips may curve barely higher and his eyes may look different than when he smiles at your friend. Watch for these little signs. He possibly saved his best smile for you!

Remember to smile back, a guy will soon stop smiling at you if you do not smile back!

13. He shows off.

Guys will try quite a lot of things to get your attention if they like you. If a guy is showing off in front of his friends when you are around, pay attention to whether he keeps his eyes on you or not.

Guys like to think they impress you and will do anything to get your approval.

If he is louder than usual, cracking jokes and trying to be the center of attention, see if he looks at you any time.

If he does, that’s an awesome sign, it is all to your advantage!

14. His appearance changed.

If a guy abruptly starts dressing smarter than usual, or getting new haircuts more often, because you are starting to think he likes you, likelihood is he does!

When a guy starts to like a girl, he wants to impress her in any way he can, and what she wears and what she looks like is the easy way!

Make sure you compliment him (2) if you think he did it for you!

Notice how he dresses when he is just hanging out with his friends versus when he is going someplace he knows you might be.

If the styles are different then there is a reason, and that reason is possibly you!

15. He at all times tries to sit near you.

If a guy likes you, he will try and be as near you as possible every time he can.

He will try and get the closest seat he can to you without making it apparent.

If you are in a group with him in the seating area, watch how he maneuvers before finding a seat. Does he quickly pass someone to get closer to you or cut people off so they cannot get past him?

A guy who likes you’ll do anything to get a seat near you.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to tell if a guy likes you. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.