How To Be The Alpha Male: [New Guide With 29 Alpha Male Tips]

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If you have ever wondered how to become an alpha male, this article is for you.

What is an alpha male?

There is normally an alpha female and male for all social animals. It was the leader, the animal with the highest rank. Many people think of this term when talking about dogs or lions, but forget that humans are social animals too. Alpha males appear in our society all the time.

He’s a man people admire in business meetings, he owns women in bars, and all the children want to be him when they grow up. The question is, how does one become that man?

In a modern world like this, it appears to be everyone seems to be vying to be on top. Women specifically became much more confident, secure and independent.

It seems that more and more men are starting to feel scared and insecure around modern women today. How can someone remain an alpha male without coming across as arrogant or overly confident?

There’s a fine line between being safe and being pig-headed, but where does this line lie?

This article will outline some of the best ways to access your alpha male side without going too far. These tips won’t only help the women, but also with the workplace.

Having the ability to be an alpha male is a skill that many people seem to lose. While there’s a time and place for every type of behavior, it seems that Alpha males have more practical uses than Beta males.

Let yourself be the strongest leader you can be, and the followers will come. If you only take one thing from this post, remember to be confident. There is no sexier quality in a man than his confidence.

How to Become an Alpha Male:

1. Make yourself known and liked

Alpha males relate well to others. He needs to have the ability to walk into a room and get people to climb up to talk to him.

But how does one make this occur?

Make yourself irreplaceable. If you are the guy who at all times brings a bagel to meetings in the morning, or you are the guy with a new joke to tell every day then people will start to remember you. Making connections never hurts.

It’s also important for you to know when to voice a robust opinion. This doesn’t suggest compromising your beliefs, far from it.

Someone who is highly educated and fearless is very attractive. It becomes unattractive when people witness your inability to listen to other people’s opinions and feel that you have a closed mind.

Be understanding of various points of view. You should never conform to something you do not want. Just admit that other people have different opinions and move on. A heated argument is uncomfortable for all parties and won’t keep you alive at the party.

2. Don’t look for somebody to follow. Be someone to follow.

First impressions are more important than many people realize. An easy unconscious choice can make all the difference whether you are an Alpha male or a Beta male.

When a Beta male walks into a room, he looks around to see if there are other males he can impersonate. She will pay attention to men who seem to attract the attention she wants and she will instantly start trying to mimic them.

This technique is nice if you are interested in being second best. A real alpha male enters a room with his head held high and looks straight ahead. He went where he meant to go and knew that other people were looking at him rather than the other way around.

When you do not really have an established reputation as an alpha male, this can seem difficult. Maybe you feel that nobody sees and cares about your self-confidence.

Be patient. It will all come in the end. Be confident in how you look and how you walk.

Head straight, shoulders back, and smile as if you were a politician. Remember, confidence is sexy.

3. Embrace your masculinity

The alpha male has perfect masculinity. Women are drawn to men who they think will have the ability to provide for them. They want protectors and friends.

This doesn’t suggest you must hit the gym eight times a week; it means that you need to be calm and in charge of yourself around other people at all times. The saying “calm, cool, and collected” is famous for a reason.

The reason is that it works. Being masculine means knowing what you want and not being afraid to go after it.

4. Be thoughtful of others

When you are trying to find out how to be an alpha male, it can be helpful to watch other alpha males and find out how they act around other people.

When you interact with other people, it is important to show that you expect people to look up to you, not the other way around. Imitation is an amazing way to learn and practice.

If there’s someone you admire, it might be a good idea to talk to them individually and see what sort of advice they’ve for people trying to improve their public image.

Pay attention to the people at the top: your boss, your father, even the president on television. These guys have clearly been doing something right and it is up to you to find out what it’s.

5. Make others see you.

Don’t be afraid to make wide movements with your arms and hands; however, avoid looking like a pinwheel. Bigger gestures will show that you’re not afraid of attention.

An alpha male will have the ability to fill any room he enters, no matter the actual size of the room. You even have to try a little harder than you think is critical.

6. Listen

People talk for a reason, so why not listen to them? When you can show that you care about other people’s lives, people will notice you.

Make a list of individuals’s birthdays and remember to wish them a happy birthday when it comes. Remember who has kids and who is married.

If necessary, you can write down important facts a couple of person for later use. People are flattered when other people remember aspects of their lives. Alpha males make others feel warm and welcome.

7. Honesty is the best policy

Trust is probably the most precious gifts you can give someone. Never make up lies to make yourself seem more important. Somehow the reality will at all times come out and then you’ll appear fake and folks will not want to be known as the friend of a liar.

The more open you are to other people, the more open they will be to you.

8. Make an effort to help someone

This is important when you try to assert yourself as an alpha male. The more back you scratch, the more likely it’s to scratch your own back.

When you volunteer for a project nobody else wants, and you do it with grace, people will thank you and admire you. The alpha male is not afraid to get down and dirty if something needs to be done.

9. Approach women

Modern women can be downright scary sometimes. Over time, women have increased their independence. Women are more confident, and play hard to get more often than ever before.

When all of these factors combine, they can turn a lady into a really intimidating creature. Actually there isn’t any key to approaching a lady. you just need to do it.

The women who seem to intimidate you the most, may seem intimidating to others. If he was intimidating anyone else, you can bet he wasn’t approached much that night.

So what do you lose in being the one to talk to him first?

Most likely he will admire courage, self-confidence and flatter at the same time. Really the worst thing that can occur is a little hurt self-esteem. However, once you master being the alpha male, you can say goodbye to the days of rejection.

10. Learn the basics of flirting

So you have approached a lady, now what? Sometimes men freeze when they’re in the presence of a lady they like. Well, there are some things you should bear in mind when you are trying to flirt.

A. Compliment her clothes, her shoes, her eyes, her hair, and any number of other things she’s worked up to.

B. Break the tactile barrier by lightly touching his arm or leg if you’re sitting. This will let him know you have an interest in him.

C. Listen to what he has to say. During your conversation, repeat some of what he says to her. He will appreciate that you’re paying attention

D. Make eye contact. He will admire your confidence and be drawn to him too.

e. Be yourself.

11. Learn as much new things as possible.

If you have never learned how to fix a drain pipe, now is the perfect time to do so. Broaden your interests to include a broad range of topics. Learn to cook, try yoga, exercise and perhaps even bird watch. The more you know, the more you can relate to other people.

Having new skills will also let you be more helpful too. When someone’s power goes out, you will have the ability to save the day and operate the generator you have in your garage.

You will become an indispensable friend. This is a robust position because it shows that you’re capable of meeting the needs of those you care about. A real alpha male can’t only provide for himself and his family, but he takes the time to help anyone who asks him and even those who do not.

12. Jump

Never beat around the bush for things. If you want something, ask for it. If you have something to say, say it. When you fill time and space with meaningless conversation, it will cloud the conversation and take you farther from your goal.

People respect those who aren’t afraid to ask for what they want.

13. Respect yourself.

Stop the habit of negative self-talk and focus on all the positive aspects of yourself. This won’t only help you deal with stress – it will really make you a happier person over time.

14. Don’t apologize unless you really mean it

There are many situations where people automatically drop the ‘I’m sorry’ bomb when a straightforward ‘excuse me’ would be more prevalent. Saying sorry when you really mean to value it more and be more sincere. The people around you’ll appreciate it even more.

Let’s say you are on a bus, trying to pass passengers to the exit, and you keep saying ‘sorry’ – this not only makes you feel like a beta, it lowers your score in front of everybody who sees it.

Smile and say ‘Excuse me’.

Another example, at work there is a mix-up or a shit storm that needs fixing, it is better to say ‘I’m sorry’ to your boss, confidently saying no problem, I’ll sort the situation out as soon as I can.

This not only makes you look like a robust candidate, but also makes you look more reliable and the alpha.

15. Smile

Smiling will make you more approachable and friendly. Imagine walking into the office, you see your receptionist – you look up and smile. Not only will it make you appear social, but it will also offer you more presence amongst your friends and perhaps make them happy.

16. Improved physically

If you are in a situation where you are talking to a potential partner, be sure you step up physically. The alpha male is confident in his sexuality and is not afraid to show it.

But understand that you are building physical touch – start with handshakes – hugs – any small touches – holding hands and work your way up. Physical touch can make the difference between a friend zone and a suitor.

17. Keeping secrets and building mysteries

Always keep a part of your life secret and only for you. Women will keep trying to get information from you – fortunately that is what they’re.

Once you reveal the information you have, it is game over. This is similar to dangling a string in front of the cat, once the cat has a piece of string it becomes disinterested and stops playing.

18. Be positive and optimistic

No one wants to hang around with an emotional anchor. Life is nice and you only live once.

19. Accept compliments graciously

When you receive a compliment, just say thank you, nod, or smile. Don’t say things like, no I’m not good enough, or I just gave in and got lucky or anything to disappoint you or take away from the credit – these are traits of beta males

20. Don’t seek other people’s validation or approval

Only a coward would need to act in such a way to get a reaction from someone. A real man validates himself. The next time you crack a joke, do not look around at everybody who provokes a positive reaction. Make sure yourself. You are Amazing.

21. Don’t talk behind people’s backs

An alpha male does not need to discuss other people’s backs to increase his value – quite the opposite.

22. Do not give consent to be accepted

In many social situations, we tend to agree with other people’s opinions on topics that we specifically do not fully accept. Do you remember the last time you agreed with someone on a subject you did not really agree with? Don’t do it, stay true to your beliefs, people will respect you more for it.

23. Make alpha is not a jerk

Don’t fight, do not bully others, and do not insult people. Befriend everybody and lead. Which is more alpha: two people fighting or an alpha male befriending opposing males and having fun?

24. Stop trying to find the right woman and be the right man

Always trying to find opportunities to improve yourself; learning a new language, traveling, taking salsa classes, reading books about social skills and success, etc. Give women a reason to chase you.

25. Life is short so do not waste your time with people who waste it.

Look for people you can learn from and who add value to your life. Once you have an amazing circle of friends – life becomes more fun and you feel comfy in your presence.

26. Friends with women

Being comfy with the opposite sex is key to being an alpha male. When surrounded by women, it attracts more women into your life, it builds a sense of mystery and curiosity. Basically women are more drawn to men who have many ladies in his life.

27. Don’t respond to aggression with aggression

A real alpha male does not need to fight because he has overcome his insecurities and has nothing to prove to others.

Not only that, the above techniques are great techniques for attracting the attention of a male opponent – ​​since you are calm and composed, this will create a feeling of nervousness and doubt in your opponent. He will start to question his ability to carry you and back off.

A study was completed on dominant lions, every time a lion opposes an alpha lion aggressively, the alpha lion will react calmly and stay calm; the opposing lion will retreat without a fight.

I would not recommend going out and trying this for fun, but try it the next time you are in a sticky situation. If you do not believe me Youtube: man vs lion.

28. Make a decision

The alpha male should not shy away from making decisions for the group. Don’t be the one to say, “So what do you want to do? I don’t mind, I’m easy”. Especially with women who are evolutionarily programmed to be born followers, so be men and leaders.

29. Keep your promises

If you say you are going to do something, do it. Don’t make excuses, be a reliable person.

Thank you for reading this article on how to become an alpha male and I actually hope you take action on my advice. I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.