How To Build Rapport With Anyone: [New Tips for Building Rapport]

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This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to build rapport with anyone.

There are many ways to build rapport. However, the top ones are those proven to work best by persuasion experts.

It makes sense when you learn it. It’s just human nature. It’s fun to do and will let you make lots of new friends.

The basis of this technique is the reason people group together. That’s what makes people really connect. There’s a reason why many get an instant connection. You will find out what it’s.

From now on you’ll have the ability to make instant connections at will. You can use it in any situation. At a party, in a sales situation, at work, or whatever. What’s more, you’ll enjoy using it even more.

It’s easy to do. There’s nothing complicated to learn, like NLP or body language techniques. You will have the ability to use it immediately and with maximum effect.

First, you need to understand the real reasons why people are drawn to and connected to other people.

After that you’re going to have the ability to understand the technique and find it easy to use.

How to Build a Relationship with Anyone:

What attracts people to people

Think about people you liked or liked in the past. What is it about them that captivates us? To help you understand, let’s have a look at others who have gone on.

Groups of individuals have certain things that make them stick together and get along well. In bars or restaurants, you’ll often see groups out to eat. They can become colleagues.

If you listen carefully, you’ll likely find that the conversation tends to revolve around work. Not at all times, but virtually at all times.

A group of young men at a bar who had just watched a sporting event. Like football or baseball. Listen carefully. The conversation will at all times be about sports.

A group of students will come out together. What are they talking about?

Look at the people together. What do they wear? What are they talking about? Where do they come from? How old are they?

When examining these people, you’ll find similarities.

They will share a common interest. They will love something similar. They may be the same age. You’ll often find people who weigh the same out together.

The fact is, people like other people who look like them. What occur?

We know that they will approve of us because they’re the same or similar. We can speak about the things we have an interest in with someone who has the same interests as us.

Let’s check the first point. A popular television show is hosted by a lady whose weight goes up and down. He will slim down for a while. Later, he gained weight again. This generally happens regularly.

They noticed that when zoomed out, larger viewers stopped watching. When he starts to gain weight, this viewer will start to get active again. Why is this?

They decided to ask them.

Viewers commented that they thought she wouldn’t like or approve of them anymore, now that she is slimmer. Like somehow he is going to boo them because of their weight.

However, when the weight came back on, they knew he wasn’t going to judge them and liked them instead.

Think about the people you like or like. I’m sure you will find someone you both share.

These can be mutual friends. You both like certain things. You share hobbies or passions. You come from the same background. The list goes on and on.

All of this shows that we like other people who are similar to us. The reason is that we feel it
like and approve us. We like them because we think they like us.

This brings us to the secret of instant relationships.

Tips for building rapport

Remember, people like us because we like them. Therefore, since we know that we like people who are similar to us in some ways, we need to look for similarities.

We need to find reasons for you to like them. It’s a two-way street. You like them because you think they like you. They like you because they think you like them.

So how do you find commonalities?

Look for similarities

Look for things you have in common. Listen. Ask their opinion.

For example, you may notice that they drink an analogous drink to you. It may look like a small thing, but it can often be the tip of the iceberg.

Once you start talking about how much you like the same things, it can often start a conversation. From there, you will probably start discovering other things you have shared.

The person may have lived in the same area as you for a long time. You can speak about how things have changed.

Places that have come and gone. This can lead to knowing that you share other interests. All just from an easy drink.

You may be at the supermarket and someone is complaining about the prices and what they should do about it. You may share the same opinion as them. Let them know and share your views.

Think about people who speak about the state of the world. This is also known as ‘justifying the world’.

However, what happens is that you express your matching or similar opinions. It creates an instant connection because you have something in common.

Listen to what people say (1). If you share views, then comment. You may hear someone speak about the security of youngsters in the area. If you feel the same or similar, state it.

Watch what drinks they’ve. What clothes do they wear? What jewelery do they wear?

Strike up a conversation and ask about things you might have in common. Where do they come from? What do they do for a living? What places do they prefer?

However, you haven’t got to make it sound like the Spanish inquisition. Make a request for information.

For example, if you want to know what bars they like, ask them what bars they would recommend. This is where they will go.

Ask someone’s opinion on something. Something in the news. Area. Places to visit. People like to speak about their perspective. Get them talking and you may find it hard to talk.

Now let’s have a look at the various similarities you could look for. This list is by no means exhaustive.


Where you live or have lived is similar. This means that you’re going to see and experience the same thing. The two of you’ll most probably share your opinion on matters in the area.

You may meet someone who grew up in the same place or area as you. If would have the ability to speak about things like the old days. If the person lives there and you have moved, you can ask them how things have changed.

You can often talk for hours on this subject. People with this in common often have very good bonds.

Especially if you share your childhood there.


How many times have you gone out and noticed a group of individuals of the same age? They will often enough share many interests.

Younger people will share their favourite sports, bars, nightclubs, hobbies and opinions.

Older people will often share the same opinions and views. It’s a brilliant bond because you can enjoy gaining knowledge and experience from each other.

When I used to sell on the phone, I at all times indicated if anyone was born in the same year as me. This often enough led us to speak about how things were back then. We’ll speak about things that have changed for the better or for the worse.

Like and not like

Food. There is food for thought. (Excuse the pun.)

People often like other people who have the same taste in food.

I often talk to someone who loves Indian food. I love curry. We used to spend lots of time talking about different restaurants and takeaways. He is very knowledgeable about the various spices and that I learned a lot.

As long as there are people, they will be the ones who like something, and the others do not. That is what gives the world spice. (Here we go again. Crazy curry.)

People like and dislike certain music, movies, places, etc. Find out what you like and do not like that you share with someone.


“Do you come here often?”, might be a cliche old chat line. However, if you find someone likes

go to the same place as you, then these are similarities.

It can be a local bar or restaurant. vacation destination. Favorite city or town.

You can tell that somebody is from the same area as you. Maybe you both grew up there.

There will be lots of memories and things to speak about.

Whenever I mentioned that I was from or lived in an area like everybody else, the reaction was at all times very positive.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these places. It could be where you were born. A place you live in. I’m your preferred vacation resort. It’s an enormous similarity that gets an instant connection.


This follows from likes and dislikes. However, it is at all times good to know if someone shares your opinion.

For example, people will often consider the latest news. If it was big news, virtually everybody would be talking about it. All you need to do is ask someone what they consider it. Bam! Instant conversation and connection.

The cost of living is a subject that virtually everybody has an opinion on.

By sharing your opinion, you’ll form an instant bond and connection. You will be of the same mind. Like-minded people at all times get along.


You generally find people with the same dress code together. Think suits and ties, jeans and tops, dresses, etc. It’s virtually uniform.

You might feel out of place if you show up to a party wearing a suit and tie and everybody else is wearing jeans and tops.

The feeling is because you aren’t ordinary. The strange one’s out. People tend to dress in the same types of clothes when they’re together.

Plan before you go out. Try to dress in clothes that are similar to other people. This will offer you connection on a unconscious level while you’re there.

Along with clothes come hairstyles. This may or may not be something you can do. Take me as an example. I haven’t any hair. However, a hairstyle can be something that can enhance a relationship.

Think of it this way. If you are out with a group of individuals and all of them have coloured streaks in their hair and you do not, then you are going to be a freak. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to do the same.

Interests and hobbies

There are numerous interests and hobbies. No doubt there are new discoveries all the time. People who share the same interests or hobbies are a really strong bond.

You will build a relationship very quickly by finding someone to share with you. Most people generally have more than one.

Therefore, with a little listening and investigating, you can generally find what you are sharing.

When you mention that you even have the same interests or hobbies. You will get an instant connection. No doubt the two of you’ll love talking about it for hours on end.


Movies, music, books, shows, nightclubs. These are all forms of entertainment. You can generally get someone to speak about stuff like this very easily.

By talking about your favourite movies, music, books, or whatever you both like, you will get an instant connection.

Remember, relationships are when people are similar. This is particularly true for favourite entertainment. The similarity is that you both like the same things.


This is an apparent one. Sports fans will often speak about this for hours on end. And with great passion.

Football, baseball, tennis, golf, etc. You will soon be accepted as one of them if you show the same interest.


If you’re a collector, then someone who is equal to you’ll be like wildfire. I agree that it’s not often that you find foreigners who are collectors like you. However, if you do then this is certainly what is connected.

Don’t lie, be sincere

Do not lie. You will get caught and it is going to be embarrassing and not helpful to you.

I have a telesales background. Namely selling over the phone by contacting potential customers.

It is a tough job.
One of the things that helps your sales, is creating a good relationship with the customer.

I’ll tell you a little story. There is one person who used to make it up to create rapport. Whenever someone says they’ve hobbies or interests, she or he is normally saying that she or he shares those interests.

One day a customer said they were avid golfers. True to form our friend said he plays golf too. This naturally caused others to start talking about it.

They also asked advisors questions about it. It wasn’t long before he was busted for his lack of knowledge about the sport.

It ends with a customer complaint. The customer explains that he feels it’s unethical to lie just to try and manipulate.

The experience was undoubtedly very embarrassing for the advisor. Hopefully, he learns from the experience and does not do it again.

The thing is, you haven’t got to lie to create an instant connection. There are unlimited things you can search that you share with others. Also, it can be fun to talk to someone about what you like.

Don’t try to make a connection in a sneaky or manipulative way (2). You haven’t got to.

In short, the secret

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to build a good relationship with anyone. I actually hope that its content has been of good help to you.

You now understand how to build an instant relationship. All you do is look for what other people have in common with you.

Listen, ask questions, and observe others. Look for what you both have in common.

When you do, mention it and begin talking about it.

Use the list above to open your mind to the various things you can look for. This list is by no means exhaustive.

From now on you’ll have the ability to make instant connections at will. You can use it in any situation. At a party, in a sales situation, at work, or whatever.