How To Express Gratitude To Friend: 23 Awesome Ways

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In today’s article you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to express gratitude to a Friend. So, let’s get started!

How To Express Gratitude To A Friend:

1. Be Creative and Write a Letter

We all have that one friend or person who influences our lives the most, and while you can choose not to send a letter, you can still write one and keep it to yourself.

These days, people can easily send text messages or e-mails which normally consist of just random, less genuine looking messages like ‘thnx’ (thank you), ‘imy’ (I miss you), or ‘ily’ ( I love you).

A brief letter written on something visually appealing will feel refreshing and is an excellent way to start practicing gratitude.

2. Be there for somebody

Try sticking around for a friend. Even if that friend wasn’t ‘there’ for you in the past, someone else has likely done the same for you, and since you have likely expressed gratitude to that somebody, it feels far better to ‘pay’ someone for it. others too.

Humans have the ability to feel empathy for others and we meet our social needs through empathy. More than that, empathy is linked to gratitude, so by being there for a friend, we’re doing two important aspects of positive and social psychology.

3. Connect with your Friends

Never forget that gratitude is synonymous with appreciation. When you spend time with your friends, try to make every moment special or memorable.

Of course, that’s not at all times the case, for the easy undeniable fact that you are exchanging friendships means you are showing appreciation and gratitude to each other.

Connecting with your friends can liven your heart as you realize how grateful you are to have the privilege of being with your friends.

4. Have a Little ‘Me Time’

Oftentimes, we feel like spending time alone, particularly after working overtime six days a week. You can use this ‘me time’ to reflect on the little things that made you happy that week.

We live in a fast-paced and stressful environment, and since we’re so caught up in the moment, we tend to overlook the little things that might make us happy. Take your time to meditate on these little things; maybe someone who offered you his place in the long line at the cafeteria?

5. Share the Little Things

At some point in your life, you’ll meet people who have next to nothing. You can do small acts of kindness like share a sandwich you brought with you for lunch or a jacket for the cold New York weather.

When you talk to this person, you’ll see a hint of warm joy and gratitude; You realize how much you have, how much that person deserves your privilege, and how you both feel the same gratitude for the same thing you just shared.

6. Cook Something for Your Family or Partner

Work and school can really drain a person’s energy. If you get home early or simply have some time to spare, cook something special that your family or partner will love.

You may not be a seasoned chef, but the easy attention you pay for them is heartwarming and can de-stress someone at work or school.

Study cookbooks that list your family’s or partner’s favourite dishes and recipes; study in their absence or simply work with friends who understand how to cook.

7. Compliment Someone’s Work or Skills

Achieving a certain skill set and getting the job done is never easy, particularly for new hires, so if you meet someone at your workplace or even at university, you can acknowledge their work and expertise, and let them know they did well. that job.

This not only makes people feel better about them, but also inspires them to find ways to improve their craft. Complimenting someone is extremely satisfying, particularly in a corporate environment where people are so wrapped up in their own projects and workload.

8. Leave a Note for Someone Who Helped You Recently

Waiting desks, providing customer support, technician visits, and similar work like this do not pay too much, and besides, the people doing this work do their best to please customers and clients.

Once you have received their help, let them know you appreciate the work they’ve done for you, whether by phone, in person, or simply a small note.

People who receive the slightest ‘thank you’ feel an immediate boost of happiness and feel less tired of their work.

9. Give Time to Your Hobby

Sometimes, work can get in the way of play, but allowing yourself to indulge in an occasional hobby can make you forget the stress and hardships of your workplace or school.

Taking time to indulge in this hobby causes the mind to release happy thoughts, leading to feelings of happiness.

If you are lost and cannot find a hobby, try hanging out with some of your friends and see what they do on the weekends. The most common ‘therapeutic’ hobbies are painting, photography, playing a musical instrument, active sports and cooking.

10. Offer Someone Coffee at work

Coffee is one of life’s great things that can make a bad day into a good day, but it is even better if you offer to make someone coffee, or make it through a coffee maker or brewer. It may look like a really small thing to do, but the results are astonishing.

The easy act of handing someone coffee gives that person a feeling of being loved and cared for, and in this case, the person feels ready to work another day.

11. Give Your Friend or Family Member a Hug

The gesture that somebody makes when hugging someone (1) is the open arm movement, and since of that, we are instantly in the open state. Likewise, a hug is an easy way of silently telling someone, ‘Thank you for the gift of your friendship; I appreciate it, and you, amongst many others near my heart, are important to me.’

The person you just hugged won’t only feel valued or loved, but also ‘feel’ the words you silently spoke to them.

12. Offer Little Help in Disaster Affected Areas

While it’s true that almost all of us are tied down by work once we are finally able to have a career, there are still ways to offer help in a disaster-stricken area such as donating money to a respectable disaster relief organization, sending food, water, or even items that can be used for shelter. temporary or emergency.

There are also several organizations that accept volunteers for the day, where you can help pack relief items, organize schedules, or take part in other areas if you’re a medical profession.

13. Call a friend who’s going through a difficult time in life

It’s impossible for us to be physically present when our friends need us at certain moments. Calling your friends is the next perfect thing, and even if you cannot come up with the most sound advice, just listening to your friends is more than enough.

If you know what time your friend comes home from work, surprise him with a call and ask how your friend is doing. Resist the temptation to leave general text messages; instead, you can leave a voice message.

14. Go on a Nature Tour

The sights and sounds we see are natural gifts given to us on the day we are born. Busy work schedules have at all times gotten in the way, and most of what we see today are computers, cubicles, buildings, cars, and train stations.

Treating yourself to a trip with Mother Earth can soothe your mind, heart, and body, and you will realize how much our world has to offer.

In addition, when a person starts to respect nature, at some point he will try to protect the planet.

15. Smiling at Someone

When you share a smile with someone, that person is more likely to smile back, generating happy thoughts and feelings. Smiling is a universal gesture that everybody learns during their first 12 months on this earth.

It’s a gesture so contagious that the person next to you can not help but smile.

Interestingly, the countries that were surveyed, and showed results of being happy and smiling all the time, were found to have the most accommodating communities, which in turn attract lots of tourists.

16. Make Someone’s Birthday Special

We all do special things for our friends on their birthdays, but ask yourself what else have not you done for them? Are you good at playing guitar? How about singing? Do you have a secret recipe for cakes or muffins? Which of your hobbies can you use to make your friend’s birthday special?

Of course, while the usual cake and party hat combo has been standard for more than a century, making your friend feel special makes her have even more memories to embed in her journal or scrapbook.

17. Help a Newly Moved Neighbor

It’s ideal to give your neighbors space when they need it, and remember, moving is both thrilling and tiring. It becomes even tougher when entire families move to villages or subdivisions where they haven’t got any friends yet.

You can offer a little help if they need it otherwise you can try other helpful methods like making your place less unfamiliar to them by showing them around, telling them important or interesting locations where they can shop and eat, or simply introducing yourself.

18. Leave Motivational Books on the Desk or Library Desk

If you recently read a motivational book, learned something from it, or even know a friend who has, you can leave the book on the library table or someone else’s desk. There’s a good chance the person will read it and learn the same things you and your friends have.

In life, there are too many lessons to learn and while experience is still a better teacher than motivational books, you are still helping someone by getting started.

19. Send Photos of Your Travel Adventures to Your Friends

When you are away from a friend, you look for tactics to relieve your homesickness for each other. Social networking and texting have been the solution for that, but how special are your messages, and are they already feeling too standard?

Exchanging letters and photos by mail is undoubtedly an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends (2). It also takes the boredom out of your communication too. Who knows, maybe next time you and your friends can go on the same trip together?

20. Occasionally Take Time to Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Recent studies prove that humans, even although they were born and raised in cities, yearn for quiet places with relaxing views.

The only reason behind it’s, when we were still developing as a species, we were born and raised in a hunter-gatherer environment, and one of our favourite pastimes was watching the dawn or sunset.

What’s more, there is no building or long hours of work at the computer, and thus we’re programmed to function efficiently where we used to be.

21. Watch Movies with Family and Friends

Movies let the mind wander to a world different from ours. We see visually appealing images in the form of films and we are told stories that interest us.

Watching movies with family and friends is an excellent way to bond, and we all know that bonds make us grateful for one another.

What’s more, indulging in a movie is an excellent way to say to yourself, ‘You worked hard this week, it is time to go out and enjoy a good movie with your family and friends.’

22. Invite Someone Over the Weekend

We normally plan our dates and agendas in advance of the weekend, but it is more fun if we stop planning for a while and let the spontaneity occur. Inviting someone, particularly one you know is not socially involved, can make that person feel better.

Just try to observe their behavior from the moment you start dating, until you separate at the end of the day; You will ultimately see positive changes in that person, and you can enjoy the undeniable fact that they feel just as grateful as you do.

23. Tell Stories

When we were little, sometimes we were left alone because our parents were too busy. You already understand how that feels, so try to make a child’s life a little better by being around, entertaining their adventurous imaginations, and telling them a story.

Reading books is ok, but did you know that Alice in Wonderland just randomly appears over someone’s head when she’s asked by a group of children to tell a story? The little things still count for a kid.

Thank you for reading this article on how to express gratitude to a friend and I actually hope you take action on my suggestions.

I wish you good luck and that I hope that its content has been a good help to you.